Dexim DWP001B Premium MHub Dock Station for iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, SD Cards & More @ Amazon - £54.00
Dexim DWP001B Premium MHub Dock Station for iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, SD Cards & More @ Amazon - £54.00

Dexim DWP001B Premium MHub Dock Station for iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, SD Cards & More @ Amazon - £54.00

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This little hub connects your gadgets directly to your computers and links with your programmes such as itunes. quite clever. it also charges your gadgets. works with thenewest iphone, blackberry, and your camera sd cards. looks very smart. the dexim brand is heavily supported by Apple, fully licenced, and if you look on sites such as ilounge and mac world, it has great reviews.

Amazon review:
Manufacturer's Description
Have you ever been bothered by the USB connect capacity of your laptop? I have! I love my Mac so much except that I am always stuck by the limited USB ports. I always need to connect laptop to my iPhone/iPod/BlackBerry, camera, flash disk, printer, scanner, etc, but I can only use few at one time. That's troublesome! Now you have dexim MHub Dock Station which can extend 3 USB ports, 1 iPhone/iPod dock station, 1 HCSD/SD card reader port to your laptop.Handling most common used connections and de-cluttering your desk, dexim MHub is the best solution for your laptop.

Designed for Mac/PC
For iPod models except shuffle
Compatible with all BlackBerry
Charge iPhone/iPod/BlackBerry
Extend 3 USB 2.0 ports
Docking station for all your needs! From SD cards to the newest iPhone and Ipods
Designed for Mac/PC/iPhone/iPod/Blackberry - comatible with all laptops
3 standard usb 2.0 ports
Charge and sync dock station for iphone/ipod/blackberry
Hi-spped HCSD/SD/MMC card reader port
Technical Details


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why the cold voting??!


why the cold voting??!

check your link ... matey Put the price and supplier on the title as well...

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ahhhh solved!


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This is an Amazon deal and not a Amazon marketplace

this was posted the other day and it was said you may as well buy a cheap usb and card reader for under £5 as all these devices come with usb cables and who needs them all plugged in at once

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yes but also does, ipod, iphone, blackberry, htc and more! de clutters your desk, and links directly to your software programmes. quite smart i thought!

To be fair ANY USB device will link to it's software

and any usb port will link to any of those devices and more with the supplied usb cable which is FREE. If it was >£10 then it would be ok but £54 is just stupid

just seen on Play.com at £49.99 including delivery - ordered one for use with iPod Nano 4G and my Blackberry, good deal i thought..

Agree as it docks and charges latest ipod & iphone so very tidy..etc works well ....
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