Dexter: An Omnibus (Paperback) £8.96

Dexter: An Omnibus (Paperback) £8.96

Found 7th Dec 2009
RRP £14.99 Contains the first three books;

DARKLY DREAMING DEXTER: Dexter Morgan can't stand the sight of blood. Which makes his job as a blood spatter analyst for the Miami PD a little tricky. But it means that he's very tidy when it comes to his hobby: murder. After all, even though Dexter only ever kills bad people, he doesn't want to draw attention to it. But now there's another killer out there who's being a whole lot less subtle
DEARLY DEVOTED DEXTER: Miami's best-dressed serial killer is getting twitchy - he hasn't killed for months. Ever since their paths first crossed, Sergeant Doakes hasn't let Dexter Morgan out of his sight. Then a body turns up, mutilated and barely alive. To trap the torturer, Doakes and Dexter will have to work together, if they can trust each other. It's a devil's pact and one of them will have to be the bait...
DEXTER IN THE DARK: When Dexter is brought in to analyse a charred headless corpse, it seems he's dealing with a killer even more sinister than he is, and one with a personal interest in him. And with Dexter now having a wedding to plan and a family to protect, the stakes are high. As he realises his step-children might share his blood-lust, if he's ever to help them target it, Dexter will first have to stay alive himself.


oO nice stocking filler dex rules

not recommended for fans of the tv show

the books are simply awful.

very different from the tv show.

A good deal. I already have these three books, so won't be buying - yes the tv show is better but the books are still worth a read for those die hard fans. The storyline is different to how it is in the tv show so it makes an interesting read, even if they aren't that great as compared to the show.

I've just watched episode 11 of series four. All I can say is the tension caused by season 4 is off the scale of whatever scale tension is measured by.

Counting days until the 'season finale' , excuse the Americanism...

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Series 4 has been just incredible. So tense that i havent wanted each episode to end! Lets hope there is a series 5, and very quickly!
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