Dexter Season 2  £12.98

Dexter Season 2 £12.98

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From the brilliant performance by Michael C. Hall to the dryly witty scripting, Dexter secures a position near the top of another year's best list Boston Globe, Dexter, one of the best shows on TV this decade. High praise, indeed. Deserved Chicago Sun-Times, Six Feet Under star Michael C. Hall's turn as blood-spatter specialist Dexter Morgan... provides one of the small screen's most appealing antiheroes Entertainment Weekly,
In the second season, some novelty has inevitably worn off, but Dexter is, if anything, more of a paradox and remains one of the most compelling characters on TV Hollywood Reporter, Dexter is a weekly marvel of writing, acting and conceit Los Angeles Times, Michael C. Hall's portrayal of the title character remains a towering achievement, one that eclipses the show's other shortcomings and rough patches Variety

# Dexter Victim Slides: Animated menu featuring Dexter's blood slides from each of his victims. Viewer can chose a slide which will run a clip of the victim's murder.
# Trivia Track: Viewers can enable a subtitle track to view facts and trivia bits about the show.
# Trivia Game: Multiple choice Q&A testing viewer's knowledge of the show. Correct answers will unlock hidden content this is not advertised on the DVD itself.
# Code of Harry: Graphics montage outlining the ethical code of Harry. Interview based.
# Composer Piece/Main Title Theme: Interview with the composer of the main title theme song.
# Cast and Crew Bios/Fimographies: Outline of cast bios and list of past and current projects
# Animated Still Gallery: Animated photos of unit and gallery images
# Jeff Lindsay Featurette: Interview with Jeff Lindsay.
# Dexter Tool Kit: Animated stills of Dexter's surgical tools and captions as to what they are used for.

Penny more at Play or better if you use quidco.


Great price for a great series. Just watching season 3 still great. I would buy if i didnt already have.
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Amazing series! Season 2 better than 1 IMHO!

no way for me it goes 1>4>2>3

OMG! what happened in the season 4 finale came out of nowhere. really did shock

Yer didnt see that coming not sure how they will explain it come season 5.

Just a heads up that the dexter series are coming out on blu-ray (already are in America). Hot price for dvd though. Awesome series, I agree with Richard27 about the ordering!

one of the best things on TV! just seen S4-shocker ending!

I have just watched the whole of season 3, it is superb.
A really good story and perfectly paced.

If you get a chance watch it.

Worth mentioning it's been £12.98 for a while, so may drop even further...

Dexter S4 finale was a mixed bag - I always wanted it to happen, but when it did I was sad.

Also, great price. Well worth it.

Watched season 1 and 2 on DVD ... excellent TV show.

If anyone knows where to get a decent price season 3 (region 2) set please post or PM me.


Might wanna change the title to amazon.CO.UK as almost missed it as thought it was the region 1 version!


If anyone knows where to get a decent price season 3 (region 2) set … If anyone knows where to get a decent price season 3 (region 2) set please post or PM me.

It isn't out yet on region 2.

I have just bought dexter 1-3 box set from -DVD professional and reliable DVD website- hope its legit after all, I paid £33.64

This needs to come down to £9.99 before I´ll order it.

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(series 3) It isn't out yet on region 2.

I had to order region 1, either via or play international.

also £12.93 at asda
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