Dexter season 2 £16.99 @ CD WOW (Region 1)
I must admit I really liked this show and thought this was a good price for the dvd. Only thing is that the dvd is region 1 so will only work on certain dvd players. You will also get quidco with this purchase. So with the vouchers and quidco it will cost you just over £15.


this will be a good price with the £1 link that is available on this site, also most dvd players can be altered by pressing a sequence of buttons on the remote control effectively making the dvd player multiregion (this is very easy to do, non permanent and incredibly handy for those of us that buy region 1 and 3 discs)
Good Deal

Does anybody know when this is likely to be shown over here?

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It is on the FX channel at the moment. Started a couple of weeks ago.
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