DEXTER - Season 2 (4 discs) £12.49 delivered/Quidco @ CD Wow
DEXTER - Season 2 (4 discs) £12.49 delivered/Quidco  @ CD Wow

DEXTER - Season 2 (4 discs) £12.49 delivered/Quidco @ CD Wow

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After the hype, underground swell and enormous success of Dexter Season One comes the much anticipated second season. Season Two does not disappoint.things are really beginning to heat up for Dexter: Sergeant Doakes' suspicions about him are growing, his victims are escaping and to further complicate matters, treasure hunters discover Dexters underwater dumping ground for his victims. As the police extract body after body from the ocean, the media dubs the killer the Bay Harbor Butcher, and the FBI Special Unit is bought in to catch the "Butcher". Its not your mothers CSI TV. This is a complex and fascinating look at serial killers which, up to this point, have been marginalised and made two-dimensional.


Awesome show, great price

Excellent find. Brilliant show.

Good show, well worth the money

LOVE dexter

Excellent show!

Good find. This season has been very good which was something I wasn't expecting.

Great price for the best show on tele along with Prison Break :thumbsup: (h&r)

Doesn't disappoint? Well, subjective I suppose but it's not quite as good as Season One (imo).
But then; Season One was of such quality it did leave quite big boots to fill...


yep season 2 is weaker, but then thats with nearly all number two's of a particular movie/series isnt it?

im not saying its ****, dexter is awesome, once you get hooked on one episode you wanna watch em all in one go so be warned!

great price, great show, third one really kicks in and hopefully the fourth will continue being just as good!

Season 1 is absolutely mind blowing and is probably the best thing I have ever watched. Season 2 obviously didn't match it, but provided the high quality I expected. Season 3 however I have just finished watching and I will tell you now it is incredibly engaging: better than Season 2, but slightly worse than the unbeatable Season 1.

Gotta vote this hot as it's an amazing deal but got a feeling that it's a mistake as I didn't think season 2 was out until end of the month and price seems very low. Only recently starting watching Dexter and its fab.

EDIT: Ah I see, it isn't the UK release version. Should be alright then

Season 3 was alright as well guys.

Season 3 is worth watching just for Jimmy Smits performance as the DA who becomes Dexter's best friend. Great stuff.

How do you get it for £12.49?

Also, the website doesn't work regarding the £10 voucher...?
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