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Short break to France (One day, Three days or Five Days). @ DFDS
Found 22nd Jan 2014Found 22nd Jan 2014
Have a holiday same time as half term break at school, so think this is great offer to go on a small trip with family. Offer valid for: (Dover - Dunkirk) & (Dunkirk - Dover).… Read more

Direct link to offers page: http://www.dfdsseaways.co.uk/ferry-offers-and-deals/ferry-to-france-offers/dover-dunkirk-short-breaks-offer/


I could not find box for code


A direct link will be helpful in this booking .....Worlduk.


Poss further 7% via TCB?


Good offer

Adaptainer guide - Looking to go on a cruise? Save an average of 33% over ANY other provider, details in the thread prices start from £900 for a 13 days cruise. No single person supplement payable either!! (btw it's on a FREIGHT CONTAINER SHIP!)
Found 18th Jan 2014Found 18th Jan 2014
I was thinking about going on a cruise over the summer to 'find myself' and all that rubbish. I was looking around and prices were quite similar - expensive! I found out that you … Read more
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You've got to really hate your hubby to surprise him with this type of cruise. I'm not quite there yet! Lol


yes, and the ships in it ;)


My Wife and I actually looked into this a while back when looking for Cruise Deals. This is, in my opinion a complete waste of time and money. I work Off-Shore on Oil Rigs and these floating Trucks have nothing like the standard we have off-shore in Norway and after 14 days Im bored outta my mind. Unless you plan on writing a book (like previously mentioned) then dont bother. If you do plan on writing a book save yourself a grand and do it at home then reward yourself with a real cruise. :D We just booked a deal where we cruise around Italy with a night in a 4 star hotel in Venice on the first night and oebn at the end of a 15 day cruise and flights included for 1100. Two years ago we got a cracking deal with P&O. two weeks Caribbean Cruise with flights for a grand each, even better when kids went free!


You are quite correct, they are different. I think people are making the comparison because the OP did in the blurb at the beginning.


is there a pool? ;-)

DFDS - Various Discounts - Most 10%
Found 15th Dec 2013Found 15th Dec 2013
Click link and view offers

There are other deals on there for the amsterdam route, but 10% on the others is about as good as it gets.


10%? You can usually get much better than that in the winter months. We went to Amsterdam via DFDS from Newcastle for £30 each in a comfort class cabin 3 weeks ago.

Half price 3-Day return ferry to France (Car + 4 people) + €10 free shopping voucher (at Auchan hypermarket) £35 @DFDS
Found 20th Nov 2013Found 20th Nov 2013
DFDS are doing half price 3 day travel from Dover to Dunkirk plus a €10 voucher at Auchan (a big supermarket in France that sells everything from booze and food to clothes and kitc… Read more

To use the voucher, print off the order confirmation and take it to Auchan in Dunkirk. Full instructions on site.

Amsterdam - New Castle mini cruise for only £30pp + @ dfds seaways
Found 14th Nov 2013Found 14th Nov 2013
Here's the description if anybody is interested: An Amsterdam mini cruise is a brilliant break away from everyday life’s stresses as you get 2 relaxing nights at sea as you sail f… Read more

Only if you sneak it in they take it off you if they find it in your case.


I know its been like a month since you commented, but can you drink your own alcohol on the boat?


Heat added,


I did north sea trip to Amsterdam in January. not a pleasant experience at all, sea sick and eaves crashing up the windows, thought we were gonna capsize. great deal though. heat


North Sea in November / December................ nice....

DFDS - Free Dover to Dunkirk Crossing for families who had a baby on 22 July 2013
Found 30th Jul 2013Found 30th Jul 2013
Royal Celebration Offer Free crossing for families with babies born on 22 July 2013! As a part of our Royal celebration week, we are offering a free Dover-Dunkirk return crossing … Read more

Most Random & Ridiculous Offer Award - 2013 (How on Earth they came up with this I do not know...)


So 4 weeks left to decide if you want to go to France with a young baby. How very generous of them.


Yeah that's first thing anyone needs with a newborn baby... A trip to France!


Why celebrate, that's all we need someone else sponging off the tax payer,


Poor promotion. Plus got to wait til 2103!

DFDS Dover to Dunkirk car + 4 people = 20,000 tickets for £19GBP
Found 17th Jun 2013Found 17th Jun 2013
When I saw "20,000 tickets for £19" I thought "Bargain! - works out about 10.5p/ticket". Turns out that it means each, each way. Still, not bad for a car and 4 people from Dover to… Read more
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and some quidco as well.


04:00 - Dover to Dunkirk £19.00 22:00 - Dunkirk to Dover £19.00 20:00 - Dover to Dunkirk £19.00

DFDS seaways a one Day return ticket for as low as £22.
Found 9th May 2013Found 9th May 2013
24 Hour Day Trip £22 Dover-Dunkirk/Dover-Calais - Selected dates from 15th April - 30th June 2013. Offer excludes travel dates 23 May - 02 June. 48 Hour Midweek Return £29 Dover… Read more

I brought 2- 24 hour ticket two or three years ago going out with one company - i cannot remember the name of and coming back via norfolk lines. No comeback or questions whatsoever but that was a few years ago. I am not sure how you could wriggle out of a bill if you were sent one


cibarious is correct, Used Norfolkline for years, now DFDS, I do not even bother to print off a booking confirmation as they know who you are before you reach the booking in kiosk. And yes read the small print, you will find a bill drop on the mat, and it would have be cheaper to do things ligit. As an advisary if you are going to miss your time slot they allow you one slot before and one after, however outside this allowance telephone there contact number in England, it's far cheaper to change your booking that do it at the port where you will be ripped off.


Very unlikely that you will be able to as most of the ferry companies use number plate recognition at the ferry terminal for boarding and so they will know that you didn't come back. If they pursue it, they will charge you for the higher fare.


Sorry but this deal was posted 4 hours ago - DEAL


is it possible to buy two 24 hrs trips and use one for way out and than remaining one let's say week after only for way back?

Calais and Dunkirk from Dover  DFDS Seaways £22 car + 4
Found 9th May 2013Found 9th May 2013
24 Hour Day Trip* Dover-Dunkirk/Dover-Calais - Selected dates from 15th April - 30th June 2013. Offer excludes travel dates 23 May - 02 June. Offers are valid for cars and up to … Read more
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Hot !!!


you can get offers sometimes including 6 bottles of wine, but we don't drink it anyway!


Pop over to Belgium stock up on baccy and sell it on and make a few quid


Fabulous - best offer so far! Myferrylink are currently offering a 24hr return for £24 so this is a better offer! Will be booking my ferry tonight!

Dover-Dunkirk and Dover-Calais  from £23.20 code ENFF with DFDS Seaways
Found 10th Mar 2013Found 10th Mar 2013
Cheap Dover-Dunkirk and Dover-Calais Economy fares so if you travel with your car and up to 4 friends before 19 December 2013 you'll get 20% off Just book before 20 March quoting … Read more

Also if you did go via ramsgate, if you head towards the airport in ostende there is a self service petrol station just past the out of town shops that is always the cheapest for fuel.


Just posted what I think is a better deal: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/calais-dunkerque-from-11-each-way-with-aferry-1499597 Cheaper and don't need to travel at stupid times! I am leaving at 10am on a Friday.


Advantage of DFDS is that they let you on an earlier or later sailing. Myferrylink don't (unless you pay an extra amendment fee upon arrival). Do P&O allow you on an earlier/later sailing at no extra cost? Can't find that info on their website (but then only gave it one go, neeeeed sleeeeep) Sailing to Dunkirk is also more convenient for some people (but evens itself out: ditance between Dunkirk-Calais is 30 mins by car and sailing to Dunkirk adds another 30 minutes to the crossing time)


Hmm, deals defo get hotter than Vouchers, will remember for next time :-) https://www.hotukdeals.com/vouchers/20-off-ferry-crossings-france-using-offer-code-dfds-seaways-1489485


The cheaper prices you get when traveling between1.00 and 4.00 AM, but the discount code you can use for any time travel to make it 20% cheaper. That's way I've posted " from £23.20" :)

Dover-Dunkirk ferry special offer - £50 @ DFDS Seaways
Found 1st Mar 2013Found 1st Mar 2013
Book a return trip of 10 days or less and a return ferry trip between Dover and Dunkirk is £50 for a car and 4 people. USe offer code EMMD when booking
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Dover/Calais return up to 31st December 20% off all sailings with offer code ENFF


ferrycheap.com are doing the same deal for £38.


That's for travel completed by end March 2013 only, not for summer bookings. :-(


Ha Ha - think you find that's DFS (easily confused!!!)


do the not sell sofas?

Bargain Caravan and Campervan ferry fares to France at DFDS Seaways
LocalLocalFound 22nd Feb 2013Found 22nd Feb 2013
Was given these fares at the NEC Caravan and Camping Show this week by DFDS Seaways. Good savings on their normal fares!
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Not a fan of DFDS, but at this price its unbeatable. Thanks to the OP


Cheers! Live in Belgium & looking at Dunkirk/Dover crossings for Easter - DFDS quoted around £90, with this I paid £50!


Car and trailer £68 return in August Top banana. Book before 24/02/13 and you can amend your booking for free until 30/06/13 (subject to availability).


Just booked,thanks


Great deal - £29 each way for Dover - Calais for a car in August. Does anyone know how long the code lasts for?

24 hour trip with a Car and up to 4 People, travelling to either Calais or Dunkirk for £17
LocalLocalFound 16th Feb 2013Found 16th Feb 2013
This Sunday, 17th February, sees the 1st anniversary of our Dover-Calais ferry service. To celebrate, we're offering our customers a special £17 24hr return fare, for a car and up… Read more
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£5 extra ONLY if you book over the phone and it is FREE if you do it online.


Goodness. £5 to book. £10 each way extra if theres any change, 4 people. We're off woth p&o on wednesday £24 up to 9 people 6 bottles of wine thrown in, seems a better deal imo. so cold on this one


I've thought of doing that in the past but apparently somewhere in the small print they say they will charge you full fare for both. Haven't checked small print in this one though.


If their tracking system is anything like the Wormhole's tracking, they use numberplate recognition to track all cars and to spot those who buy 2 daytrip tickets and don't use them correctly. ;)


I not hecho apologies

Half Term Day Tips to France by Ferry £22 @ DFDS Seaways
LocalLocalFound 11th Feb 2013Found 11th Feb 2013
Just booked a day trip to France with the family (and car) for half term next week with DFDS ferries from Dover to Calais for just £22 return! Great bargain considering it costs… Read more
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Ooops sorry about drive on left I'm getting confused in my dotage. On a serious note, you are most likely to come a cropper when pulling out of a garage etc if no other traffic is about, you may find that you are on the wrong side of road. It's the only times it's happened to me. Yet again sorry.


Drive on left. oO


Eurotunnel are doing £23 return next Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Be aware that DFDS only have a couple of boats on this route, so any delays quickly multiply, leaving you sitting on the dock, wondering what's going on.


Great tip ........... if you have a death wish!!!!! oO :p


[quotell]Beef lasagne is Italian - French is somewhat different quote] How?Why?What!!!

2 for 1 Travelzoo 2 night mini cruise to Amsterdam + £10 voucher - Prices from £79 for two people
Found 27th Jan 2013Found 27th Jan 2013
2 for 1 Travelzoo 2 night mini cruise to Amsterdam from Newcastle + £10 voucher - Prices from £79 for two people - Book by 8th February! Enjoy 2 nights onboard, a free £10 vouche… Read more
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Just booked a long weekend trip Newcastle-Amsterdam in March, upgaded to Sea-view Double Room for £94 total :-)) Looking forward to it, if just for the "cakes" in Amsterdam!!!


Wouldn't know Nettie but if it's what i think it is, he probably wouldn't tell me anyway as i'm a stickler for right and wrong ;)


Did your son buy anything from a brown cafe? Conflicting reports people on here as to whether they are allowed to sell to tourists


no its not.


Need to take this with you ;)

Free Dover to Dunkirk Crossings with a 2 night hotel stay in Bruges (862 remaining) from DFDS Seaways
Found 14th Jan 2013Found 14th Jan 2013
Free* ferry crossing to Bruges - How to claim There are 1,250 free* return ferry crossings to be claimed if you book a minimum of 2 nights hotel stay in Bruges! 862 left on webs… Read more

they wont have a chance to stop you as its just 20 miles to Belgium border travelling @ 90mph


Park at the train station, which is easy to get to, for €3.50 a day, with free return bus into town (or about 20min walk). Don't worry about the breath test kit, the implementation date has been put back to March - something that Halfords and eBay sellers will fail to point out.


My hotel for 2 nights inc breakfast and sailing Friday 15th - Sunday 17th cost me £154. Parking usually around 6-9euros a day in Brugge as most hotels don't have free parking. Make sure you have France travel kit which must include an alcohol breath test kit, bulbs etc. eBay / amazon a good place to buy them. Just make sure you follow t&c to qualify.

Day trips to France by ferry from Dover £22 @ DFDS Seaways
Found 11th Jan 2013Found 11th Jan 2013
DFDS go from Dover to both Calais and Dunkirk.
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Yes, its a day trip! Probably cheaper to buy a single fare from them if you were going to fly back?


Yes, it's a day trip!! If you were going to fly back then a single fare would probably be cheaper? Take a look at their website - www.dfdsseaways.co.uk


Do you have to return the same day? For example i'm wanting to travel to france by ferry but fly back at a later date. What would happen if I didn't return to the ferry?

Return Ferry for car and all passengers to France in Summer Holidays - £64 @ DFDS
Found 31st Dec 2013Found 31st Dec 2013
Hi,just decided to book my summer holiday in France and from Dover to Calais for a car and all passengers in July and August was just £80 return, then added the code E13EBO for 20%… Read more
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FAQ about vehicle type says this; Motorhome under 2.35m high and 7m long This vehicle type includes all motorhomes/campervans (with windows, sleeping and cooking facilities) where the total height is under 2.35 metres and total length is less than 7metres. A maximum of 9 passengers allowed to travel with this vehicle type.


Heat added. We are going to Paris in Feb half term and hadn't got round to booking ferry! £46 return. Bargain. I always use DFDS anyway.


It lists two different types of car, small car <1.85mx4.5m and large car <2.35mx7m. My VW camper is 2.1m x 5m so is classed as a large car, no reason why they should question it.


Just looked and for a car of 6 people for us was £76.00. Might look at going to France for the summer holiday now. :)


"Offer is valid for a car and up to 4 people or motorcycle/motorcycle + sidecar/trailer combination and up to 2 people. Not available for other vehicle types." No good for campervans but hot deal anyway.

Ferry to France this Christmas now only £29 each way! @ DFDS
Found 8th Dec 2012Found 8th Dec 2012
The cheapest gateway to mainland Europe this Christmas. Was on offer for £38 one way for the last couple of weeks, now dropped to only £29 for a car + up to 9 people. And it's "ope… Read more

Similar cash back/discount offer with Majestic if you preorder - you could always combine the two! Majestic linky


I just paid £58 for 2 way. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend paid £134 :) Thank you


DFDS are offering 3 day returns from Diver to France for £38 return, Hope this helps!


Gauney please post link with cheaper price


This deal is for long-stay trips. You can probably get one day return or other short stay "booze mini cruise" for much cheaper. The same long stay crossing offer in P&O is for £38.

5 Day Return Offer Dover to Calais or Dunkirk (car + 9 people) £24 @ DFDS Seaways
Found 29th Nov 2012Found 29th Nov 2012
Please enter/quote offer code E120SB when booking. Book by 01.12.12 and complete travel by 06/12/12. Valid for return travel for up to 5 calendar days. A £10 amendment charge appli… Read more

Title should contain 'EACH WAY'


Thanks op.


This is soooo cheap


Are there any height restrictions for this? In terms of vehicle not passengers?


Ferry crossing for 2 adults with a Car < 1.85m x 4.5m £24 each way Book now = £48.00 Total = £48.00

Christmas special fare £38 @ DFDS Seaways
Found 23rd Nov 2012Found 23rd Nov 2012
DFDS in Dover are offering long-stay returns over the Christmas period for just £38 each way for cars - plus this is an amendable fare! Quote offer code ECXMAS in their website to … Read more
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Saw it was £29 now! Hurrah, France here we come! Does work - you need to quote the offer code ECXMAS PsychoWabbit!


Mandatory departure is not booked for the product element This is the message I get in RED after i select the £29 fare and click continue :(


NOW only £29!!! Was worth to wait;)


Also OP - I'd mention ferry or something within the title. It's not obvious what the special fare is for. Will help several people!


Finally a deal(ish) for christmas ferry crossings. Anyone who goes regularly - do better offers come out than this? DFDS and Eurotunnel seem to offer £38 return normally...

Free travel to Bruges (ferry crossing) with 2 night hotel stay @ Bruges Tourism
Found 12th Nov 2012Found 12th Nov 2012
Book a 2 night stay in Bruges from a list of participating hotels and claim a free ferry ticket. Book before 14 Dec, for travel between 6 Jan - 28 Feb.
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Try this http://ukinfrance.fco.gov.uk/en/help-for-british-nationals/living-in-france/faqs/driving/driving-tips and this http://www.belgium.be/en/mobility/the_highway_code/ (it's in French or Dutch - try an online translator if that's not your thing) I've no personal experience, but I expect putting in a bit of research will make for a less stressful holiday. A friend of mine hired a car on his honeymoon in Canada. After a day of cars behind beeping at him as he sat at a red light waiting to turn right, he saw sense and bought a copy of the highway code equivalent. Bit of a strange way to pass an evening on your honeymoon though. Most importantly, don't forget they drive on the wrong side of the road. ;)


I guess there is no reason why you can't split the 2 days, Bruges is not far from the Dunkirk ferry so might go elsewhere between each night in Bruges.


Booked it all up. I will be driving from Dunkirk to Bruges, is there anything I need to know about driving over there? (Never driven abroad)


Better book now rather than later. The cheapest hotels are already selling out. :|


Thanks OJ, love Bruges!! Definitely going to book this deal, something to look forward to after xmas!

Cheap day trip to France by Ferry £22 @ DFDS Seaways
Found 8th Nov 2012Found 8th Nov 2012
DFDS Seaways are offering £22 day trips to France with your car. Cheaper than the other ferry companies and tunnel! Have to quote the code E24SB when you book.
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Any idea when this is valid till?


I think that DFDS only have 2 boats on the Dover to Calais route - so if there is a delay, it can take some time to clear. Only mention because I was delayed 3 hours on Sunday, whereas P&O only seemed to be delayed 1 hour.


Agreed that's a good deal but, for me personally, saving around 3 hours on the length of the day trip is worth more than £3 plus 6 bottles of plonk. ;) Having said that, 6 bottles of plonk are certainly worth more than £3! :)


Or P&O doing day trips for £25 - and throwing in 6 bottles of plonk


Sorry but not cheaper than the Tunnel, the same price - unless you are planning to go in the next 5 days. :D I happened to post a £22 Tunnel Deal three weeks ago which you can find here

FREE teddy bears from DFDS Seaways
Found 30th Oct 2012Found 30th Oct 2012
DFDS are giving away 1,200 free teddies on their Dover routes this half term! And if you're not travelling you can enter the competition on their Facebook site. Ideal for Christm… Read more
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Yay, good for you!!!!


I won one, thanks TravelSaver :)


Cos this is free.


Don't worry 'rockinron' the kids certainly won't go without! Don't think any of us can afford to turn down a freebie nowadays can we?


Ideal for Christmas presents! How sad - why not just buy your loved ones a teddy?

Cheap ferries to France offer ends today Car, motorhome,caravan from  £19 each way  @ DFDS Seaways
Found 21st Oct 2012Found 21st Oct 2012
Cheap ferries to france Start at £19 each way increase to £29 for car and caravan, off-peak; increasing to car £29 peak travel, (generally school holidays) Car and caravan £39,pea… Read more

Really cheap. Usually go Newhaven Dieppe with caravan cost nearly £400 last year. Return in August 2013 under £80 bargain, thanks.


Excellent offer... if only I was organised enough!!! It is only £5 each way extra for a trailer too... works out at £34 each way for the last two weeks of the summer holidays...absolute bargain! Superb find...

Day trip to France £11 each way (car + up to 9 people) - DFDS Seaways
Found 15th Oct 2012Found 15th Oct 2012
Seems like there might be some competition hotting up on channel crossings. Haven't seen prices this cheap for years. "Day Trip Offer - Book by 05.12.12 and complete travel by 06/… Read more

In the shops at dover port there is a leaflet stand, they had a load of vouchers for a free bottle of wine per person at Calais wine superstore. is worth stopping off there as its on the way back to the boat


We just got back from this yesterday. Not bad. We actually bought some whisky on board as it had a deal - Glenlivet 18 years single malt 1L bottle, 2 for £50.


they did it over the phone for free!!


does anyone know if its possible to change the number of people going? as i booked for 3 of us, but now an extra person wants to come with, couldnt see anything in the FAQ's and assumed as its up to 9 people that it would probably be ok just to turn up with them


sounds like a good plan. :D

3 day Ferry trip to France £19 each way @ DFDS Seaways
Found 10th Oct 2012Found 10th Oct 2012
Was looking for a Ferry ticket to go to France for the weekend - found this at almost half the price of P&O/ Eurotunnel and My Ferry Link. Includes a car and up to 9 passenger… Read more
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Took the ferry on this deal this weekend going to Bruges. Stayed in Dover Friday night on the Ramada £20/night deal. No problems and very good, cheap(ish) weekend away.


nice deal


lool this is funny because i was actually going to type something like this too


Is there a good deal on for pussy in Amsterdam? Post it! ;)


haha yes!

2 night Charity Mini Cruise Break to Amsterdam from Newcastle (£30) @ DFDS Seaways
Found 10th Oct 2012Found 10th Oct 2012
Info Below In first Comment :) 8% Cashback via Quidco -monkey_uk - monkey_uk
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yeah we got it sorted. we took our own food and drink so not an issue for us, just a bit of friendly advice for people considering it in the future that it's not cheap on board


Told you it was expensive, and did you look on the ceiling of your room? Theres a hot and cold option for the vents, you probably had it on Hot ;)


went on this last week and quite enjoyed it . rooms a bit hot during the night. food/drink very expensive but we took our own.


Hope you all had a great time!!


There is still time to book everyone!!

Mini Cruise offers to Amsterdam from Newcastle - 2 for 1 from £79 @ DFDS Seaways
Found 10th Sep 2012Found 10th Sep 2012
Few offers on there at the moment Whether just a trip to Amsterdam, Utrecht, Halloween break, zoo break etc prices start at just £79 with their current 2 for 1 offers. All detail… Read more

Cold. I don't need 2 cruises, happy to have just the 1. /sarcasm


I worked in Holland for a couple of years and you are correct it's a bloody expensive place these days - I guess that's the bonus of having the convenience of a single currency - jacked up prices all round.


Scandinavian price levels for everything on board - way overpriced and a captive audience. It was something ridiculous like 5.80 Euro (upwards) for a bloody cup of coffee!!!! FFS!!!!


this is the dfds offer (from newcastle rather than hull)


has something changed? this was the link this morning? http://www.poferries.com/tourist/bookMiniCruise.html;jsessionid=788B8FBE14A8F54991B20E52618FD42D.tomcattourist2?monthyear=October%202012&route=hu&CID=Q4MC&type=email

Dover to Dunkirk For just £19.50 with DFDS
Found 13th Aug 2012Found 13th Aug 2012
Take a car with 4 friends over to france for only £19.50 each way! Seems like a great day out to me Dunkirk, located in the north of France, offers excellent motorway links to som… Read more
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I did this with 3 other people in the car, went to Bruges and back for £19.50 there and £19.50 back - Thanks for finding this!


Not that I'll be taking a day trip to France from up here in Scotland, but, out of curisosity I put in 4 adults + car, leaving at 0600 tomorrow (15th) and returning at 2000 (same day) and it's giving me a price of £9.50 each way (total price of £19).


Quotes me £124 return on 27/08. P&O quotes me £25!


Thats a different deal to the OP. £19 return for day trip OP states £19.50 each way with 4 people & car


day return in special offers = £19 http://www.dfdsseaways.co.uk/ferry-offers-and-deals/ferry-to-france-offers/day-return/

day trip - Dover to Dunkirk (nearer to Belgium than Calais!) £19 DFDS
Found 1st Aug 2012Found 1st Aug 2012
Looking for ways to spend your days during the summer season? Well here’s a great idea - Spend a day in France or Belgium and explore the sites for just £19* return for a car and … Read more
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mass exodus from the Olympics probably filled up the ferries for next week.. Loads of canals and pretty countryside drives around Dunkirk


Half expired. They have withdrawn the Calais route from this offer. Dunkirk is still available but really very dull........


going to need something like this Alcosense ALCNFTWIN French NF Legal Requirement Approved Breathalyser (Twin Pack) http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B007K5XZXM/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&coliid=I3KHX3ZSEU2A2U&me=&seller=&colid=CBISW6AM0Y3J also stocked in Halfords


oh my mistake I was focused on the cheap Belgian tobacco :D


I always use DFDS and this route when going to the continent now rather than P&O as they're cheaper but still an excellent service. Also, their "tax free shopping" is cheaper than P&O's - not by much but slightly. Their ferries are really nice too.

Dover to Calais car and 4 people £29.00 @ DFDS Seaways
Found 15th Mar 2012Found 15th Mar 2012
New competition to P&O and SeaFrance. DFDS Seaways has only 4 crossings a day but the cheapest fare with the big boys is £35.00. Booked to go on Tuesday! Bon Voyage

Bit of a shame, I prefered them to the rest. Last year you could get fares for £22. No chance now, everyone has hiked the fares up. P&o £35 each way.


wished they had cheap fares to ireland


No competition to SeaFrance they went bust earlier in the year.


cheapest fare i could find with P and O is £25.00. Brrrrrr as cold as the Channel


you're off for a week or two then .... Happy hols :)

2 for 1 Mini Cruise to Amsterdam with free breakfast. From Newcastle for 2 Nights - from £79 for 2 at DFDS Seaways
Found 7th Nov 2011Found 7th Nov 2011
The 2 for £79 deal is on fairly regularly and has been posted before, but with free breakfast included it's now even better value for money. Buy one ticket and the other is on … Read more

I did this last month, its not value for money. The dinners are £20 minimum and pretty poor standard. 'Entertainment' was worse than the food. The rooms are hot small and cramp. In addition, we were late so got c.4 hours in the dam!


Who the hell wants to go all the way to Dover to get to France? Pratt!!!


Who the hell wants to go all the way to newt astle?


2 nights on board, set sail-drink-sleep-arrive=1 night then up to 5 hours in "THE DAM" then set sail-drink-sleep-arrive home . That was your second night :-)


is it 2 night or do you just stay in Amsterdam for just over 5 hours!

2-night Amsterdam mini cruise for just £29 per person (based on 4 sharing) or £33 (based on 2 sharing) @ DFDS Seaways
Found 17th Oct 2011Found 17th Oct 2011
We've gone crackers! Book this fantastic mini cruise deal now to obtain this extraordinary price. Enjoy 2 nights onboard and time in Amsterdam from only £29pp! BUT HURRY - ONLY 500… Read more
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Great deal! Personally, I think 5 hrs in Amsterdam is great for the price!


Oh, that type of bike...doh!!!


Locko have you been as you don't understand....Amsterdam is tiny and I think to get your moneys worth is to rent a bike while you are there and see virtually everything. Didn't notice it was only 5 hours in Amsterdam so wouldn't touch it, but if you do go rent a bike, unless you're lazy like my friend here.


Oh dear...


With so many travel deals listed recently here is a summary: Mini cruise on a ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam from only £29 “Relax with a drink in one of the bars or enjoy delicious meal in one of our many restaurants, before sitting back to enjoy the live entertainment onboard” that means watching greasy haired toothless tattooed pheasants getting drunk. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/2-night-amsterdam-mini-cruise-for-just-29-per-person-based-4-sharing-33-based-2-1038859 Holiday to the Gambia 7th – 14th November £280 Spend 12 hours cramped in a plane followed by 7 days living in a quality mud hut, with a poor quality breakfast, other poor quality inedible food available upon request subject to demand assuming you do not have diarrhoea, spend some quality time with mosquitoes and other exotic diseases. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/holiday-gambia-7th-14th-nov-with-thomas-cook-from-280-1038141 Bangkok flights £349, including all taxes and fees! Flight Centre For only £349 you too could be in flood zone, what Muppet would even consider going on any of these holidays. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/bangkok-flights-349-including-taxes-fees-flight-centre-1039538

Dover- Dunkirk  day trip with DFDS - £17 car + 4 people
Found 13th Oct 2011Found 13th Oct 2011
you can travel before 8 December 2011 during the week for a car and up to 4 people. Handy for a tobacco run to Adinkerke. Offers are not valid for travel from Dover 22/10/11 or … Read more
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Guidelines changed for tobacco products as of 1st October, now only 1kg of tobacco & 800 cigarettes!


And a huge saving compared to UK prices... I usually buy Amber leaf, 3.50 for 50g over there, 75% saving on UK prices. Makes a nice day out too, dunkirke is a nice town, although slowly becoming like Calais with the riffraff hanging around the port. Depanne, is a nice town to visit if your going to adinkerke, along with plopsaland if you have kids www.plopsa.be/plopsalanddepanne/en


Like it. Good offer. Heat added


Thanks 8)


In the surrounding countryside, a number of typical Flemish villages boast beautiful churches, windmills and fascinating museums. The peaceful walled town of Gravelines was left surprisingly unspoilt during the great wars and still retains a great deal of French architecture to savour. In addition to the city itself there are the boat rides on the canals to enjoy. Bergues is still contained within ramparts for over five kilometers

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