Diablo 2 (PC) £3.85 @ Shopto
Diablo 2 (PC) £3.85 @ Shopto

Diablo 2 (PC) £3.85 @ Shopto

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I know Its quite an old game, But this is an absolute classic, and if you haven't played it then its a steal at this price!


Damn you shopto and your evil £1 credits

Good price, still quite a lot of people playing this game online.

truely an epic game, me and a few mates still pick it up every so often. Shame that blizzards online only keeps your character for like 90days after the last time you log in. I find everytime i decide to go back to it my characters gone, i dont really get bored of it but i do side step to other games !

Well worth getting if you havent played this, just ignore the graphics because well they are very outdated. Get the expansion if possible as it allows for higher res and a good few improvements.

Very good price, i hope diablo 3 comes out at this price haha!.

All gone.

potal plz

still a good game u can loose hours playing this...

Have some heat for a truely brilliant game that im real happy that people are still playing. Its up there with TA, Homeworld, Master of Orion 2 and Birth of the federation in top old games I still play alot.
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