Diablo Toasted Snack Maker £9.80 + p&p @ British Heart foundation Shop

Diablo Toasted Snack Maker £9.80 + p&p @ British Heart foundation Shop

Found 4th Jan 2009
Was looking for a sandwich maker, came accross this one, which looks rather funky.
Amazon price £17.33 and also has a few good reviews.
The only thing is that on BHF the delivery cost is £4.99, but it is still cheaper £14.79

Devilishly good toasted snacks
No fuss, no mess, no plugs; the toasted snack maker creates tasty hot sandwiches and mouth-watering snacks in minutes. Titanium coated for scratch-resistant, non-stick cooking, you dont need to add oil when you toast a Diablo sandwich. No need to plug it in either, simply place over the hob or barbeque to cook then stack in the dishwasher. Note: not safe for use with induction cookers.
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Need to go to BHF Online Shop to find it - it's about 2/3rds down the page of under £19.99 gifts.
Really useless. Tiny sandwiches (much smaller than a piece of bread), too much effort for little reward, if you've got a real fire or a BBQ it's probably better but impossible to balance on a hob.

Great idea, and it looks cool but not useful. If you want a toasted snack buy a toasted sandwich maker. Probably for less as well.
Excellent product at a great price.
Thanks for the useful comments, I'm thinking twice before buying it. Well I'm looking for a single sandwich maker, can anybody help!!!
I brought 2 of these brand new from a car boot sale for £1 each.
They sell for around £15-£20,they are good but I wouldnt confuse them for a sandwich maker, they are nothing like a breville.
Hope this helps.
This is a great product - makes really deep toasted "pockets" and have found it easy to use on my gas hob. Also must add that it is so much easier to wash than an electric toasted sandwich maker.
This design is just like my nan used to have in the early 1960s:roll:, the first toasted sandwich maker, she used hers on a coal fire! I saw them at a local food event in the autumn, and corrected the seller when he said the first of its type:w00t:.

Must admit bring back very good memories, great if you want to do one at a time.
Great for just doing 1 sandwich. Yes, they are slightly smaller than a piece of bread but really deep.

Very good for making hashbrowns and eggs too. I like to get a little filo pastry and put cherry pie filling in the middle - delish! Very easy to clean and easy to use once you find the balancing point
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