Diagnosis: Death [Blu-ray]  £4.99 @Play.com

Diagnosis: Death [Blu-ray] £4.99 @Play.com

Found 25th Oct 2010
A supernatural force brings together two lost souls united by their love of literature who after a sinister twist of fate are diagnosed with terminal cancer and the pair are sent to an experimental drug-testing facility run by a creepy Doctor (Flight Of The Conchord's Bret McKenzie).

When the facility is locked down for the weekend and the drugs begin to take effect, the human guinea pigs begin to experience ominous hallucinations pointing to a horrific murder. Unsure of where reality stops and the drugs have taken hold, the apparitions become more threatening and the only way to leave the facility alive is to discover the truth about the haunting dark secret.

The Flight Of The Conchords cast make the transition from Emmy-Award Winning comedy show to feature film in this spoof Horror reminiscent of Kiwi legend Peter Jackson's work that's both hilarious and horrific in equal measure.


Cheap enough I suppose but I thought this film was absolute garbage.

Skip this one

might give it a look for a fiver . fatten the collection a bit

I had this and sold it on, it's cheap but one bad film.
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