Diall Safe Clearance instore and online @ B&Q

Diall Safe Clearance instore and online @ B&Q

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Nice one BeerDrinker. Heat given. Hope its safe to post this.
Posted earlier this week but obviously still around.
Top man there’s loads at thornbury branch great spot thanks for sharing
I presume the floor safe measurement on the box are incorrect??
Width 390cm.. Whats that about 12.8 foot... lol
I was recently asked to 'break in' to one of these safes when the owner had lost the keys
Even with no prior knowledge of its mechanism, & without using power tools, it was open within 3 minutes!!
If given another, I could probably get that down to 1 minute

.... not that i'm advertising my 'skills' as a safecracker, Im just saying theyre not very secure
Might do to keep the remotes from the kids--------Then again!
Was it in a SAFE place, in store.
But is it......?
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