Diamond Geezer: Series 1 & Pilot: 4dvd @ HMV only £5.99 delivered

Diamond Geezer: Series 1 & Pilot: 4dvd @ HMV only £5.99 delivered

Found 10th Mar 2008
Not bad for a 4 DVD boxset. Don't forget about 9% Quidco!

Apr 2007

David Jason returns to the role as a loveable rogue, Des, in the hugely successful comedy drama Diamond Geezer The Series. Des is, yet again, using his cheeky charm to carry out grand thefts under a number of different guises.

The Pilot
Trusted by inmates and prison guards alike, Des is a simple, stammering soul who wouldn't hurt a fly. Little do they know, Des has a spring in his step and a twinkle in his eye that's worth millions. He's a master of disguise and being in prison is all part of his ingenious plan - Des needs the perfect alibi for the perfect crime...

A Royal Affair
Des breaks into, seemingly impenetrable, Buckingham Palace to steal a large diamond before it is handed over to the Indian Government. Will Des manage to pull off an elaborate heist before they realise the diamond's a fake?

Old School Lies
Des attempts to relieve a large financial institution of a vast amount of money after they've plundered innocent people's pension funds. Will a shooting accident prevent Des and his accomplices from achieving justice?

Old Gold
Des plans to steal £8 million pounds of Russian gold for the families of Russian and British secret agents who have been killed. Despite Des's good intentions, will his wrong doings finally catch up with him?


Why is this so cold? Great series and a pretty decent price i thought.

ooo....i never caught the ones after the pilot.....bargain....im buyin
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