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Diary of a Minecraft Creeper King BOX SET - 4 Books free on kindle @ Amazon

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Skeleton Steve’s books are great for any Minecraft fan.

Info from Amazon:

Box Set - Book 1

Ever heard of the Creeper King, mighty Cth'ka?

Read the adventure diary of a young creeper who was looking for a way to protect himself without blowing up!

When Cth'ka the Creeper and Skeleton Steve leave the forest to ask a local witch for help, they are soon on a long and dangerous journey to find a secret artifact that will allow Cth'ka the power to move blocks with his mind! But will the difficulty of traveling across the Minecraft world, coming across a village under attack, hiding from a fully-armored killer hero, and finding the way to a hidden stronghold be too much for a creeper and his skeleton companion to handle?

Box Set - Book 2

What does Worla the Witch have in store for Cth'ka the Creeper King??

Now that he has the Crown of Ender, Cth'ka feels like he can take on the world! But at what cost?? Now, building a home for himself and his new friends in his favorite part of the forest, he can't help but wonder what dreadful errand the witch will require him to do first...

With the help of Skeleton Steve and his new followers, will Cth'ka be up to the task? Or will he try to take the easy way out? And, as always, when Minecraft Steve gets involved, everything is headed for trouble...

Box Set - Book 3

Mighty Cth'ka the Creeper King is ready for his second task!

While working on his obsidian fortress, Cth'ka is approached by Worla the Witch and asked to perform his second task--to kill a fellow witch!! Sure, the witch of the icy mountains is probably evil and is planning on spreading her ice magic into Darkwood Forest, but is Cth'ka okay with being Worla's assassin?

As more and more creepers join his creeper army, Cth'ka sets off on his dangerous mission with Skeleton Steve and Zarek the zombie, but have his powers grown strong enough to help him kill a witch? And is there something more sinister going on with Worla and her three tasks??

Box Set - Book 4

"Cth'ka, for your third task, I need you to kill the Steve..."

The good-hearted Mighty Cth'ka and his friends are back for the conclusion of the Creeper King series. Cth'ka only has one task left to perform for Worla the witch--but it's something he really doesn't want to do! After all, he's not an assassin!! But stuck under the power of the witch's binding spell, does he really have any choice?

With Skeleton Steve, his bodyguard Zarek the Zombie, and an ARMY OF CREEPERS, Cth'ka sets off to assault the Steve's castle in the mountains. With his powers growing, fighting bad mobs is one thing, but can Cth'ka really defeat the Steve? And what sinister plans lie behind the scenes with Worla the witch and her vindicators?

Love Minecraft adventure??

Buy this BUNDLE of books and read the "Creeper King" Quadrilogy TODAY!
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    Totally confused what it is about! Is it a fantasy story on Minecraft by a fan, or is it a Minecraft guide to build?

    The description is so vague!!
    It’s a story. “Read the adventure diary of a young creeper…”
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