Diary Of The Dead [Limited Edition Steel Book] 2 DVD £7.16 (whe added to basket) + Free Delivery/Quidco @ Zavvi

Diary Of The Dead [Limited Edition Steel Book] 2 DVD £7.16 (whe added to basket) + Free Delivery/Quidco @ Zavvi

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Found 4th Mar 2009
In his first independent zombie film in over two decades, George A. Romero returns to ground zero in the history of the living dead. When a group of film students making a horror movie in the woods discovers that the dead have begun to revive, they turn their cameras on the real-life horrors that suddenly confront them, creating a first person diary of their bloody encounters and the disintegration of everything they hold dear. Told with Romero's pitch-black humour and an unflinching eye on our modern world, GEORGE A. ROMERO'S DIARY OF THE DEAD marks the legendary trailblazer return to his roots.

Special Features

Commentary with Romero, editor Michael Doherty and
Director of photography Adam Swica.
Into the Camera ? Interviews with Josh Close, Amy Lalonde, Joe Dinicol, Philip R
Speak of the Dead ? A highlight from George Romero's public speaking event at th


Master of the Dead ?Interview with George A. Romero with introductory comments f
Englebardt, Ara Katz, Artur Spigel and executive producer John Harrison
You Look Dead! ? A look at the film's practical Make-up Effects
A New "Spin On Death ? A detailed look at the Visual Effects work of SPIN VFX
A World Gone Mad ? A look into the photography and

The Lead Up to Diary - UK Exclusive interview from Frightfest '08

Character Confessionals ? featuring actors Joe Dinicol,
Amy Lalonde, Shawn Roberts, and Michelle Morgan.
Familiar Voices ? A look at the recordings of Guillermo
Del Toro, Simon Pegg, and Stephen King's celebrity background voices
in the film.
"The First Week" "The Roots"

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You had to remind me of this movie

this was a let down dawn of the dead 100 times better

I have to agree it wasn't that hot. I'd place it slightly higher than Land of the Dead, but lower than the first three.

I haven't yet watched the remake of Night of the Living Dead but looking forward to it... The remake of Dawn of the Dead was excellent even though young Zac Snyder took liberties with the zombies' new found speed! Can't wait for Watchmen - might go Imax for that next week sometime!

Really awful and I love zombie movies like this

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Really awful and I love zombie movies like this

I've not actually seen this, but you can always rely on HUKD to act as a film review site:whistling:

I'll wait for it to pop up on Film 4 then

Cheap price. Awful movie, and I love everything related to zombies. It's very, very sad to see Romero fall to this level.

yep i love zombie movies 28 days ,weeks later resident evils anything but watched this and nothing what a let down .even worse than land of the dead
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