Dick Barton Trilogy (3 discs) - £7.99

Dick Barton Trilogy (3 discs) - £7.99

Found 13th Sep 2006
Three titles featuring Dick Barton: 'Dick Barton - Secret Agent', 'Dick Barton At Bay' and 'Dick Barton Strikes Back'.

Before James Bond, there was Dick Barton: Special Agent!

Between 1946 and 1951, Dick Barton's thrilling nightly adventures on the BBC's Light Programme attracted a record-breaking 15 million listeners and enthralled an entire nation. The serial proved so popular that it spun off into three hugely successful feature films from the fledgling Hammer Films. While virtually all the original BBC radio shows have been lost, these three Hammer feature films still survive and are made available for the very first time in this DVD collection.

Don Stannard takes the title role in all three films, fighting fiendish foreign conspirators armed with secret super-weapons that threaten the British nation.

This Special Collector's Edition not only includes the complete Dick Barton Trilogy of films, but also a meticulously-researched 36 page guidebook to the whole phenomenon, which is profusely illustrated with rare stills.

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Haven't seen the films but love the radio plays - thank heavens for BBC7.
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