Dickies Grafters Trousers - £6.75 @ Wickes was £26.99

Dickies Grafters Trousers - £6.75 @ Wickes was £26.99

Found 7th Oct 2009Made hot 10th Oct 2009
Classic mens (or butch ladies! )workwear from Dickies:-

Made from tough cotton/polyester fabric

Strong belt loops and side and seat seams

Fitted with knee pad pouches

Functional and hardwearing

Cotton fabric on the inner side is comfortable next to the skin and the hardwearing

polyester on the outer side repels moisture

If your crap at DIY...get these and you'll be transformed into Tommy Walsh


AWESOME PANTS i wear these when i want to look like iv been doing work when the wife gets home

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Might get the missus a pair of these and some knee pads to assist her with cleaning the oven.

Quality workwear

once you have worked floor hight wearing nee pads you will never go back too, thats a fact

Wickes site rating for these.

Overall Rating 2 out of 5 stars

Would recommend?: Yes 0 out of 1
Good Quality 2/5
Value for money 2/5

Was gonna rush and get these, but slightly put off by the reviews there. The value for money rating I can ignore, as they presumably spent a lot more on these.

what you on about there ONE review lol

these pants are great and well known in the trades... i got my last two pairs free from a emergency ambulance mechanic who gets them given free by the government\tax payer. They are the highest spec.

can't believe these comments!! Sexist monkeys!!!! Lol p.s. these are fab for doing kneeling work, lol - don't worry about the reviews, they are fab

plus £5.95 p&p..... unless anyone knows of any codes?

can u get them in store

toolstation.com have some in for £6, and the knee pads for £4 and together get free delivery (orders over £10).
just got mine a week or so ago and they are great

only sizes available today are

32 w x 33 L
38 w x 33 L

good find, limited custom - still voted hot for those who can fit into them!

Southampton store had quite a few of these instock yesterday when i got mine.
34" ones were marked up to clear at a fiver.

Got to go back today, so they can take the security tag off........don't you just hate it when they put those things on, don't remove them, AND the alarm doesn't go off......wtf!

loads in dewsbury. marked at £13.50 for all sizes but go through at £6.75 at the till
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