Diddy Kong Racing DS - £9.99 Delivered @ softuk!

Diddy Kong Racing DS - £9.99 Delivered @ softuk!

Found 13th Aug 2008
Maybe not as good as the N64 original, but not a bad price for this DS game.
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Great price :thumbsup: Next cheapest i can see is £ 17.69 ....
great deal as money to be made once finished with the game again with cex and tradeyourstuff.co.uk

might buy this in order to bring back the days when i used to play this on the n64!!
Good deal but a pretty shoddy port. Tacked on ds features detract from the n64 experience unfortunately.

From the biggest diddy kong racing fan (i have both a normal and sealed copy of the game)
Clicked on your link - comes up at £14.99 :?
yup, seems price has gone up to 14.99
I loved this on the N64. The single player story is one of the best single player racing modes ever and took me months to complete. Unfortunately the DS port is a bit shoddy.
*plays with his DSTT*
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