Diddy Kong Racing Nintendo DS and Donkey Kong Jungle Climber £14.99 each@ Choicesuk

Diddy Kong Racing Nintendo DS and Donkey Kong Jungle Climber £14.99 [email protected] Choicesuk

Found 29th Feb 2008
Diddy Kong Racing
Game storyline: After living in peace and harmony for years, the inhabitants of Timbers Island are invaded by the evil Wizpig. Receiving a frantic plea for help, Diddy Kong assembles members of the Kong family and rushes to the rescue. Can he save the island in time, or will Wizpig hog all the glory for himself? How to progress through the game: Diddy Kong Racing DS is unique among racing games because its more than just a series of cups and challenges its a full-fledged adventure. The game starts in a hub zone (a portion of the island that serves as an access point for all other areas), but where players go after that is up to them. They can drive over bridges, through oceans and around volcanoes as they enter races in a quest for balloons that let them unlock different portions of the island. And when theyre not racing, they can explore their surroundings and try to discover the many hidden secrets of Timbers Island. But dont think this is a leisurely Sunday drive players have to speed through a huge variety of racing challenges if they want to complete the adventure and save their friends from Wizpigs nefarious schemes. A bloated space pig has taken control of Diddy Kongs island paradise, and only you can stop his nefarious plot. Players take on the racing challenge of a lifetime as they drive, hover and fly their way across the massive island. This remastered take on a Nintendo 64 classic is sure to rev the engines of adventure racing fans everywhere.

Donkeykong Jungle climber
Donkey Kong is back and this time for a brand new adventure which will have you going bananas with excitement! Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber introduces players to an addictive game play mechanic combined with accessible and entertaining game play. In his latest adventure, Donkey Kong is enjoying a much-needed holiday with his friends on an exotic tropical island. However, the sinister King K. Rool and his Kremlin crew steal some mysterious crystal bananas from visiting aliens and use their power to attempt to take over the jungle and the universe. After accidentally destroying their ship, Donkey Kong agrees to put his vacation on hold and help the aliens recover their treasure. The colourful and original level design featured in this game will delight fans of the Donkey Kong universe as well as newcomers to the Nintendo DS. To help Donkey Kong achieve his goal players must progress through a number of worlds, each with five sub-stages, defeating a sinister boss at the end of each world. While making their way through the action-packed stages players will be able to collect bananas, gems and coins as well as defeating enemies with Donkey Kong and Diddy Kongs attacks. Even once the games main quest has been mastered, Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber provides a selection of other features to keep players busy including unlockable cheats and a host of addictive minigames. These minigames include Rolling Panic where players must jump logs and dodge boulders, Speed Swing which requires DK to make his way through a difficult obstacle course against the clock and ThrownCrush, a target practice game using throwing rocks. Whats more, for an added challenge both Speed Climb and Barrel Race can be enjoyed with up to three other players using the Nintendo DS wireless connection.


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