Die Hard: 1/2/3 (Collectors Edition - 6dvd box set) ONLY £9.99
Die Hard: 1/2/3 (Collectors Edition - 6dvd box set) ONLY £9.99

Die Hard: 1/2/3 (Collectors Edition - 6dvd box set) ONLY £9.99

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Die Hard was the Matrix of the 80s, it reinvigorated the action genre, raising the bar for anything that had to follow it, as well as helping Bruce Willis to become a fully-fledged movie star. In these 3 films Bruce plays John McClane, a hard living, hard drinking New York police detective who just seems unfortunate enough to always been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Die Hard finds McClane visiting his estranged wife at her LA office only to find the building being taken over by terrorists. Die Hard 2: Die Harder sees him facing more terrorists as he attempts to meet his slightly less estranged wife at the airport, while Die Hard 3: With A vengeance pits him against a ruthless criminal mastermind intent on holding New York to ransom.


Still enjoy watching these Thanks for the pointer and good price too!

Nice one, order placed.

Amazing trilogy, I remember paying £34.99 for the numbered limited edition boxset of the first two movies.

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I bought this last year about tha price from HMV when it was on offer, really enjoyed those films.

Ordered something from them thursday.. still waiting!

Think I might order this set, cant beat a bit of action:santa: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Looks like a great deal... The only problem I have is they are on ITV every other week so I can't justify spending the £9.99 as I will never break the seal on the box.



Ordered something from them thursday.. still waiting!

Check your bank statements and as soon as they take the amount out it will arrive next day, I waited 2 weeks for my Deniro box set, the money didnt actually debit out of my account until the day before it arrived.

Good price :thumbsup:

Die Hard 4 out soon, trailer looks good.



Good price, Razor Gen :thumbsup:


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I love watching these over & over again:-D
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