Die hard DVD trilogy (6 disc collectors edition) £1.35 used very good at amazon/zoverstocks

Die hard DVD trilogy (6 disc collectors edition) £1.35 used very good at amazon/zoverstocks

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Includes delivery ,45p a film.

Exceptionally well-directed by John McTiernan, Die Hard made Bruce Willis a star back in 1988 and established a new template for action stories. Here the bad guys, led by the velvet-voiced Alan Rickman, assume control of a Los Angeles high-rise with Willis's visiting New York cop inside. The attraction of the film has as much to do with the sight of a barefoot mortal running around the guts of a modern office tower as it has with the plentiful fight sequences and the bond the hero establishes with an LA beat cop. Bonnie Bedelia plays Willis's wife, Hart Bochner is good as a brash hostage who tries negotiating his way to freedom, Alexander Godunov makes for a believable killer with lethal feet and William Atherton is slimy as a busybody reporter.

Director Renny Harlin took the reins for the 1990 sequel, Die Harder, which places Willis's New York City cop in harm's way again with a gaggle of terrorists. This time, Willis awaits his wife's arrival at Dulles Airport in Washington, DC when he gets wind of a plot to blow up the facility. Noisy, overbearing and forgettable, the film has none of the purity of its predecessor's simple story; and it makes a huge miscalculation in allowing a terrible tragedy to occur rather than stretch out the tension. Where Die Hard set new precedents in action movies, Die Hard 2 is just an anything-goes spectacle --Tom Keogh

The second sequel, Die Hard with a Vengeance brings Detective John McClane to New York City to face a better villain than in Die Hard 2. Jeremy Irons is the brother of Alan Rickman's Germanic terrorist-thief from the original film. But this bad guy has his sights set higher: on the Federal Reserve's cache of gold. As a distraction, he sets McClane running fool's errands all over New York--and eventually, McClane attracts an unintentional partner, a Harlem dry cleaner (Samuel L Jackson) with a chip on his shoulder. Some great action sequences can't obscure the rather large plot holes in the film's final 45 minutes. --Marshall Fine
Product Description
All 3 classic Die Hard movies are in this highly collectable boxset in their special edition formats. The 6 disc set has hours of special features such as directors commentaries, deleted scenes, featurettes, trailers and much much more. It also includes a collectors booklet. DIE HARD Disc One: * Die Hard Movie with DTS Audio * Audio commentary with director John McTiernan and production designer Jackson DeGovia * Scene specific commentary with visualeffects producer Richard Edlund. * Text commentary - learn about the making of the film from these detailed comments from cast and crew. * Special branching version - view the film with a deleted scene re-inserted. Disc Two: * The Cutting Room. Scene-editing workshop: choose shots from different scenes within the film and re-edit to create your own unique scene. * Audio mixing: manipulate the dialogue, music and sound effects. Multi-camera shooting. * Outtakes with various audio streams - a mixture of short, deleted scenes, outtakes/ alternate takes. * Deleted Scene: Turning off the Power. * The newcasts - original footage of news reports which appear in film, including extended and alternate takes. * Magazine articles. * Theatrical trailers. * Entire shooting script. * Interactive slide show with 94 publicity and behind-the-scenes stills. DIE HARD 2 Disc One: * Die Hard 2 Movie with DTS Audio * Audio commentary by Renny Harlin. Disc Two: * Making of Featurette * Deleted scenes * Renny Harlin interview * Villains Profile featurette * Behind the scenes storyboards featurette * Side by side comparisons * Visual effects sequences * 4 trailers DIE HARD 3 * Die Hard With A Vengeance Movie with Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio * Audio commentary Disc Two: * Behind the scenes featurette * A Night To Die For/McClane Is Backfeaturette * Die Hard 3featurette * 4 behind the scenes featurettes * Alternative ending * Interview with Bruce Willis * Villains profile featurette * 7 visual effects sequence * Theatrical trailers

Copied and pasted from the last time buzz did it for £2 two months and three weeks ago.


BARGAIN!!! Yippee Kay Ay!!


All gone now £2.32.

Such an awesome set with the bonus disks as well, absolute bargain at this price! HEAT

the definitive version to own before the series went awful

got for £1.35. cheers

Hot again. Thanks

Brill, thanks op!

Cheers, for the price I just had to get it.

Bought for £1.35


Bought. Will gather dust next to my vicar of dibley boxset

bought. 1.26 lol

Just got Die Hard 4.0 for £1.27 New and sealed from Oxfam Amazon shop.

Brought for £1.46. Dunno why as I already have them on blu ray

I got the 4 film boxset, 4 decent films.

this doesn't include 4&5......

...therefore it is the superior boxset ! heat added !


Brought for £1.46. Dunno why as I already have them on blu ray

This made me laugh... And realise I am not alone, if it's a bargain buy first think later!
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I expired this ages ago but it is still going. The cheapest is £1.75 at play/zoverstocks now


Brought for £1.46. Dunno why as I already have them on blu ray

Standard HUKD problem.

Gone now
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