Die Hard Quadrilogy (8 Discs) £9.95 Delivered @ Play
Die Hard Quadrilogy (8 Discs) £9.95 Delivered @ Play

Die Hard Quadrilogy (8 Discs) £9.95 Delivered @ Play

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Die Hard Quadrilogy 8 DvD Discs set for £9.95 delivered
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Thank you for this---I've ordered.
Is this a new release as if you go to other sites their listing for Die Hard Quad is the 4 disc set that's been out for some time.
Play definetely show this as an 8 disc set AND they have a seperate listing for the 4 disc set, so that makes me think the 8 disc is new?

If this is the special editions of each film, then it's a great deal.
Suspect it will be the cut version of Die hard 4 thou

Surely just buying the first one would be more than enough!!!!!! The other 3 are exactly the same! Good price though for 8 discs and great if its some new material!

Thanks, I'll take that.

4 disc version is £12.99


Just completed my order.

Absolute bargain... Got it already, but some of the best action films ever made...

Am amazed it has taken so long for this to be released here, what kept it so long?

Probably just clever marketing trying to get everyone to part with the money firstly for the 4 disc a few years back, now this making people think they now need this also.

Glad I already got this ages ago so didn't have to buy both

Am assuming it's the exact same as the one I have here (exact same cover except mine isn't BBFC rated as wasn't a UK release) and if so 4th movie is the theatrical cut yes but includes Deleted and Extended Scenes on the 8th disc (I'm fairly sure its the same 2nd disc that was included in the 2 disc version of the original release of Die Hard 4).

Don't bank on there being any new material as I've had this set for around 2.5 years or so. I *think* they are/were the 20th century fox definitive editions (2 disc special that were released couple of years back) all bundled into one single package for consumption.
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