Die Hard Quadrilogy (Zavvi Exclusive 8 Disc Version) - £17.99 @ Zavvi (online)

Die Hard Quadrilogy (Zavvi Exclusive 8 Disc Version) - £17.99 @ Zavvi (online)

Found 29th Nov 2008
Next best is £24.99 at Zavvi (in-store). You can only get this in-store or on Zavvi's site; all other retailers are the standard 4-disc version. This version includes bonus discs for each film, which comprehensively cover the creation of all the films, including documentaries, deleted scenes, promotional material, outtakes and more. This also includes the harder version of Die Hard 4.0, which is not included on the 4-disc version, and adds in swearing and gore (improving the film in my eyes).

Best price for buying seperately:
Die Hard: 2-Disc Special Edition - £5.99
Die Hard 2 - Die Harder: 2-Disc Special Edition - £4.99
Die Hard with a Vengeance: 2-Disc Collector's Edition - £2.99
Die Hard 4.0: Ultimate Action Edition - £6.98
Total: £20.95

Die Hard (2 Disc Edition): In this high-rise, high-stake Die Hard series opener, Detective John McClane heads for Los Angeles to spend the holidays with his estranged wife, Holly (Bonnie Bedelia). But while McClane waits for Holly's office party to end, terrorists take control of the building. And as their sinister leader (Alan Rickman) and his savage henchmen round up hostages, McClane gets ready to launch at one-man war - as only McClane can!

Die Hard 2 - Die Harder (2 Disc Edition): Off-duty in the nation's capital, John McClane spends Christmas Eve battling a team of terrorists and their murderous leader (William Sadler), who have taken over a major international airport, while he copes with an inept airport police chief (Dennis Franz) and the knowledge that his wife (Bonnie Bedelia) is trapped in a plane desperately low on fuel, circling overhead!

Die Hard - With A Vengeance (2 Disc Edition): Exploding with special effects, comedy and nonstop thrills, the third chapter of the Die Hard series finds McClane the personal target of a terrorist (Jeremy Irons) determined to blow up New York City if he doesn't get what he wants. Accompanied by a reluctant civilian (Samuel L. Jackson), McClane engages in a tense battle of wits with a psychopathic genius in this thrill-a-minute adventure that grabs you and doesn't let go!

Die Hard - 4.0 (2 Disc Edition): The best is back in action in the latest instalment of the pulse-pounding, thill-a-minute Die Hard action films. New York City detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) delivers old-school justice to a new breed of terrorists when a massive computer attack on the U.S. infrastructure threatens to shut down the entire country over Independence Day weekend. Locked and loaded with real stunts, genuine humor and nonstop excitement, Die Hard 4.0 is the most explosive action movie of the year. Yippee-ki-yay!


Is Quadrilogy a word? :thinking:

i got the single disc boxset, its a bit thin on the ground. this looks better

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Is Quadrilogy a word? :thinking:

I don't make the titles, I just post them. :whistling:


Is Quadrilogy a word? :thinking:

apparently quadrilogy is urban/slang/made up through ignorance of the word:

which means four parts. or something

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i got the single disc boxset, its a bit thin on the ground. this looks … i got the single disc boxset, its a bit thin on the ground. this looks better

Well, take a look at the complete list of extras for this set to see how comprehensive it is:

Die Hard
Audio Commentary by Director John McTiernan and Production Designer Jackson DeGovia
Scene-Specific Commentary by Special Effects Supervisor Richard Edlund
Text Commentary by Various Cast and Crew
Branching Version (with the Extended 'Power Shutdown' Scene cut back in)
From The Vault:
- Outtakes
---- "The Vault" (2 Audio Options) (5:59)
---- "Turning Off The Power" (3:13)
- 'The Newscasts' (7:41)
- 2 Magazine Articles
The Cutting Room:
- Scene Editing Workshop
- Multi-Camera Shooting
---- Scene R165G (0:17)
---- Scene 167 (1:00)
---- Scene 167A (0:34)
- Audio Mixing
- "Why Letterbox?" featurette (3:17)
- Glossary
Interactive Slide Show (9:04)
Ad Campaign:
- 3 Theatrical Trailers
---- Trailer A (1:30)
---- Trailer B (2:28)
---- Trailer C (0:30)
- 'Making-Of' featurette (6:59)
The Script

Die Hard 2: Die Harder
Audio commentary by director Renny Harlin
"Die Harder: The Making of Die Hard 2" -documentary
"Making of" -featurette
"Villain's profile" -featurette
4 deleted scenes
Interview with director Renny Harlin
2 "Behind-the-scenes" vignettes
Storyboard sequence
2 visual effects breakdowns
3 side-by-side comparisons (stunts compared to the final film footage)
4 theatrical trailers

Die Hard with a Vengeance
Audio commentary by director John McTiernan
"Behind-The-Scenes: Die Hard With A Vengeance" TV Special
"A Night to Die For/ McClane is Back" TV Special
"Making Of" Featurette
Behind-the-Scenes Vignettes
Storyboard Sequence
Bruce Willis Interview
Special Effects Breakdowns
2 Theatrical Trailers
"Villian's Profile" Featurette
Alternate Ending (with optional commentary)

Die Hard 4.0
Deleted Scenes (with ‘Play All’ option (3:38):
- Red Bull (0:31)
- Warlock’s Mom (0:21)
- Extended Warlock’s Lair (1:38)
- Gabriel’s Mimic (1:06)
Gag Reel (7:48)
Music Video: Die Hard by Guyz Night (4:30)
'Behind the Scenes with Guyz Night' featurette (5:37)
‘Analogue Hero in a Digital World: The Making of Die Hard 4’ (95:31)
‘Yippie-Ki-Yay, Motherf*****’: Kevin Smith Interviews Bruce Willis (21:44)
Fox Legacy Featurette (6:19)
‘Hacker Underworld’ Featurette (8:51)
‘Homeland Security in a Cyber Age’ Featurette (10:00)
‘Matt’s Pad with Justin Long’ Featurette (6:43)

I Like This Great Movies Great Set,Had To Get In Before The Missis Does She'll Mop Up At This Price Lol Voted Hot

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Yippie ki yay mo...

If you don't want to wait up to 5 days for zavvi to deliver this asda are doing it for £20. £5 cheaper than zavvi in store but £2 dearer than getting it online. Just letting folk know the option is there.

Is die hard 3 uncut or cut because I've read that in the U.K. it's had 12 minutes cut off?
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