Die Hard Trilogy - 3 Disc Box Set - £6.99 Delivered
Die Hard Trilogy   -   3  Disc Box Set    -   £6.99  Delivered

Die Hard Trilogy - 3 Disc Box Set - £6.99 Delivered

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Good price for this 3 Disc Box Set

Die Hard: New York cop John McClane, facing Christmas alone, flies to Los Angeles to see his estranged wife Holly (Bonnie Bedelia) and their kids in an attempt to patch things up. He arrives at his wife's high tech office building in the middle of their Christmas party just as it is gatecrashed by the ruthless master criminal Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) and a dozen fellow activists intent on relieving the Nakatomi Corporation of six hundred million dollars in negotiable bonds...

Die Hard 2: On a snowy Christmas Eve in the nation's capital, a team of terrorists has seized a major International Airport, and now holds thousands of holiday travellers hostage. The terrorists, a renegade band of crack military commandos led by a murderous rogue officer (William Sadler), have come to rescue a drug lord from justice. They've prepared for every contingency, except one: John McClane, an off-duty cop seized by a feeling of deadly de-ja-vu.

Die Hard With A Vengeance: This time, New York cop John McClane (Willis) is the personal target of the mysterious Simon (Jeremy Irons), a terrorist determined to blow up the entire city if he doesn't get what he wants. Accompanied by an unwilling civilian partner (Samuel L. Jackson), McClane careens wildly from one end of New York City to the other as he struggles to keep up with Simon's deadly game.


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saw the 4th last night - very good! :-)

seems a good price for the set! voted HOT.

also seen the new one yesterday too - best of the lot imho...stunning, breathtaking are two words that sprung to mind whilst watching it open mouthed!

Die Hard Trilogy Special Edition Box Set (6 Discs) only ]£9.99 @ Play

I suggest getting the special edition versions as once you see the films you will want more and the extras are quite good

i seem to remember reading that this set isn't as good quality as the special editions, as they're remastered etc... but maybe you shouldn't quote me.
I certainly looked into it a couple of years ago and went for the special edition as a result... only a few quid in it.

also, the extra that explains why you shouldn't accept a pan and scan version of a film was priceless for convincing my dad that he should embrace widescreen


Die Hard Trilogy Special Edition Box Set (6 Discs) only ]£9.99 @ Play

Might still be available instore at HMV for £10.


Die Hard Trilogy Special Edition Box Set (6 Discs) only ]£9.99 @ Play

Great price for the original deal but I've gone for this one instead just incase the quality isn't great for the other one. Repped and heated up.

But anyone who wants this will surely just want the quadrilogy boxset when it comes out, hence why this is cheap! Still a good deal though.

I've got Die Hard (1) Special Edition and the second disk is pretty crap. The only decent special feature is the commentary on the first disk.

now £8.99 !

The play.com deal is now £17.99!

received my the other day for the original price,cheers for that:p :w00t:

Cheapest deal now seems to be £8.97 from ]ASDA and ]The Hut
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