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Posted 14 May 2023

Diesel - 135.9p Per Litre at Sainsbury's (Wantage)

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Diesel cheaper than petrol at Sainsbury's in Wantage! (and at a good price)

It's good to find a major retailer offering fuel near market price. However, it should be this price at all their filling stations nationwide, not just one specific location.

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  1. mchu6am4's avatar
    The wholesale price of diesel has reduced to below that of petrol for a month or two but the greedy swines haven't reflected this at the pump! 😡
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    Greedy swines indeed … my sainsburys (Hampshire) is charging £1.57 per litre. Why can one Sainsbury’s sell at a 20p differential?!? (I appreciate transport, distance from refinery, local competition and other factors but 20p is inexcusable. I believe prices are increased in areas they think can afford it.
  2. Cooling_Deals's avatar
    The Eastgate Garage in Narberth, Pembrokeshire50180647-S4buE.jpg
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    Yeah, but it’s Wales.
  3. Roger_Irrelevant's avatar
    If everyone installed a petrol prices app and only filled up at the cheapest garage in practical range, prices would fall a lot quicker.
    wahidul89's avatar
    For a long time now I've had a thought. If we only fill up and not use the shops at all this would hurt them alot. We get ripped off on the fuel cos we need it but everything else can be bought elsewhere for cheaper..
  4. johnszi23's avatar
    Shocking to see that in Oxford just over 1.40 and Swindon well over 1.50 everywhere. Seriously, what’s this?
  5. Martie99's avatar
    These prices differences are simple, greedy petrol sellers over charging on the back of historical price rises. The supermarkets ‘claim’ they are on our side . Utter b#lls;t
    fedex1401's avatar
    They are on their shareholders side. They are a business with the objective of improving their profitability. They never do anything for the consumer, even at times when consumers benefit it’s still for the shareholders.
  6. Stainy's avatar
    It needs someone like Martin Lewis to pick up on this. I doubt the price of a tin of beans differs from each Sainsbury's store. The fact that it does for fuel is pure profiteering
  7. neddyuk's avatar
    This is my local fill up of choice (edited)
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    Lucky you
  8. Jeffro's avatar
    Same price in Peterborough Sainsburys 
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    I remember when it was close to £2 a litre at Sainsbury's Peterborough (as I used to work close by last year) and the rest of the country actually. Those were nightmare times last year.
  9. currymonster1970's avatar
    Diesel 1.56.9 in Ystrad Mynach near Caerphilly, annoying!
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  11. sevinozwell's avatar
    Over £1.50 in most parts of Midlands still
  12. paulde2007's avatar
    Thank god for subsidies to oil companies ... not that they need it when they make 150year record breaking profits
  13. hedgemonkey9874's avatar
    Just gone down to 150.6 in South Devon. Apart from Trago Mills (148 or so but you’ll queue for ages to get in), thats the cheapest around.
  14. Billythebubble's avatar
    Petrol strikes on the cards for early June, my fuel is 153/l after 3p drop last week.
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