Diesel Mens Mayar trousers should be £90.00, now £20 delivered @ Koodos with P&P discount - 77% discount!

Diesel Mens Mayar trousers should be £90.00, now £20 delivered @ Koodos with P&P discount - 77% discount!

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Great deal from Koodos. There's also a free P&P voucher around here somewhere!


Mmmmm, well that was a waste of time. Dont bother looking unless your a freak of nature with a waist(sp?) of 29" or under. All the other 'Clearence' deals sucked as well.

I think the spelling you were looking for is "waste" as in a complete waste of time!

Definately cold.

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Oh grumpy chops!!
There's a pair of 31" and a 33" waist left...soooooo not quite accurate chaps!!

It really is depressing what has happened to this site. The glass isn't even half-empty with most of the miserable people here, it's more four fifths empty.

Very tempted by the pair of 33/32 that is left, great deal! hot! Thank you!

Cold - none in my size


Cold - none in my size

Think someone is struggling to grab this sites logic :?


Cold - none in my size

No? http://media.ebaumsworld.com/picture/micrkr/McDonaldsFatBoy.png

Thanks for the deal OP, may pick up a pair!

Cold - None available in Red.

still a bargain for someone out there

While this is just as bad as store specific deals, in the way that it's only for a small amount of people, it is still hot none the less.

ewwww, I wouldnt wear them with someone elses legs

If you like them then they are good value, so dont be so hard on the OP taking the time to post


Lol - always amuses me with fat people rubbish deals because they cant fit in them :\ Still, can't help to think lots of people will buy these just because they're diesel - they look horrible.

BTW - 32" = "MEDIUM", you'll find.

Is it just the fact my work browser is old and butchered, or is there an error on this page? I can't see any "buy" button..

Good deal but too small for me......voted hot.

There's tons of stuff on that site at big discounts...well worth a look.

You can add them to the basket but they disappear at checkout. Rubbish!

they dont look right! lol!!

Hrmm im normally 32x32 but they look quite skinny fitting so perhaps i could fit into the 33x32 .... decisions decisions lol. Hot.


^ 10% Off

Expired. As jpwjpw says, doesn't let you order. would have been good anyway.

yeeeeeeah still expired, moderators need to expire this.

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Ok, so the only ones now left are for skinny, long legged men ...however if you stick them in your basket they seem to there for paying for - works for me this minute!
Maybe it's your browser - I'm using explorer!
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