Diesel only the Brave - 200ml - £38.44 plus free bag at Boots

Diesel only the Brave - 200ml - £38.44 plus free bag at Boots

Found 28th May 2015
reduced from £65.50 to 44.99, but at the moment they take 10% off the original cost too
Therefore works out at £38.44 plus a free overnight bag which seems ok quality
Picked it up instore - all my locals had it in stock from a quick check online
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Have you got a picture of the bag please?
What's the smell like? Is it long lasting?
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There's a picture of the bag on the boots fragrance for him homepage and the scent seems to be lasting really well so far!
The bag does not get added with the 200ml version. Only with the 50ml or 125ml. Also, the price is £40.49, not £38.44. If anyone knows how to get what is stated on the description, please share.
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Why would I lie? I'll upload the receipt when I'm back home if you like

Why would I lie? I'll upload the receipt when I'm back home if you like

please do with pic of fragrance with bag as well.
Not saying you lied, but when I add that product to the basket, it shows as £40.49 and no bag. If you try adding the 50ml version, you can see the bag is added automatically to the shopping basket as well. SO I cannot get the price or the bag by just adding the 200ml version on your link. What am I doing wrong?
Some people need to use their eyes and stop being so lazy!

I've noticed too that the bag appears to only come with the lower ml sizes if you click through from the banner... shame!


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receipt uploaded - just trying to help someone get what I thought was a good deal... the 10% comes off the original price as I stated earlier not the reduced price - thats why its £38.44. And I got it in store not online. got 300 points for spending over £30 too with a boots voucher I had knocking around so I'm happy
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Bought this myself at Teeside Park Stockton on Tees today for exactly the same price, nice bag and got boots points to go with it.

Thanks for the heads up OP

Regards to all Billyhl
Dam, I got the 125ml for £35 plus the bag from the The Perfume Shop at Meadow Hall today, which I thought was a good deal, considering the 50ml was £41.50.
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