Diet Coke - Reduced to clear £3.25 Was: £5.00 15 + 3 x330ml @ Tesco

Diet Coke - Reduced to clear £3.25 Was: £5.00 15 + 3 x330ml @ Tesco

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Just seen in store, they have 24pk next to them so not sure if this is old stock?

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Photos says 15 + 3
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What Tesco was this in please
Good deal but might simply be local? I've noticed the price on Diet Coke in general has gone down lately.
just store specific getting rid of a promotional size/ SKU they won't stock in future - might be other stores de-stocking as well, great price
what type of tesco please. metro, extra, express. superstore. tia
just i found 7 packs mixed in with the 12 packs in tesco extra swindon. thanks op at 18p per can
They just can't sell the stuff, everbody is buying real coke before the sugar tax so the supermarkets have warehoused full of the diet stuff. Our local Asda has several pallets of Diet coke 30 packs but have had none of the regular coke for weeks now.
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