Diet coke with Vitamins or Antioxidant only £0.69p for 4 bottles
Diet coke with Vitamins or Antioxidant only £0.69p for 4 bottles

Diet coke with Vitamins or Antioxidant only £0.69p for 4 bottles

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Pack of 4 350ml bottle of Dies Coke with added vitamins or anitoxidants. When these first come out they were on sale at 84p a bottle and are still on sale in Tesco's at £2.35 for pack of 4. My local Netto in Dover has them at just 69p for a pack of 4. Works out at just 1.4 litre for 69p. OK the use by date is end of July 08 but at this price they are a real bargain. I have tried both and they taste the same as normal diet coke to me. Only available while stock lasts.
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awful stuff in my opinion

Good deal but they taste rank.

they taste ok, shame no netto anywhere near me 92.8 miles is nearest one lmao

ugh I would only clean the toilet with it. But good find anyway.

Jeez, all the other gunk in the drink is going to rob your body of more vitamins and minerals then the added stuff will ever replace. I bet this will be approved for sale in schools. :roll:

hmm yes all them vitamins are really going to make up for all that lovely aspartame...

I don't really drink the stuff.. but good price considering how much it normally is!


this is 29p a bottle in home bargains, where they also have the "anti-oxidant" version too.

Detox on coke, Great!!:-D


cheaper than bleach? Probably better. I might consider it to clean my sink :whistling:

I got a few of these free, and I still felt ripped off. Quite a nasty chemical flavour to them.

want a cheap antioxident have a cup of tea

i think these taste ***** but HOT for the price of them.

Very hot deal!

May not taste that great but saves eating fruit and veg. I had one tonight with my pie and chips to make it healthy! Who says eating well is hard

May treat myself to a block of dairy milk as my reward - less than 50 cal's a block and a whole glass of healthy milk per 100g! Eat smart.
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