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Posted 15 September 2022

Diet Pepsi // Pepsi Max // IRN-BRU Regular // IRN-BRU No Sugar // BARR Cream Soda // 7UP Free any 24 Packs 3 for £20 (Mix & Match) @ Amazon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Looks good offer, you can top it up with S&S offer on IRN-BRU and BARR so works out even cheaper with them.
Amazon More details at Amazon
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Cheers Nihir

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BARR American Cream Soda | 24 x 330ml Cans | A Fizzy Drink for Everyone | Fizzing with Flavour ,330 ml (Pack of 24)

About this item
  • Refreshing The Nation
  • A Deliciously Dark Northern Soft Drink
  • Containing Real Extracts Of Dandelion And Burdock
  • Each Unit Count: 24.0
  • Country String: United Kingdom
  • For More Information On This Product And The Range Of Barr Flavours Please Visit Barrflavours Website; You Can Also Follow @Barrflavours On Facebook And @Barr_Flavours On Twitter And Instagram
  • Barr Is A Fun, Young, Energetic Brand Which Has Been Bringing Families A Distinct Range Of Better Tasting Flavours Since 1875

Diet Pepsi Cans, 24 x 330ml

About this item
  • NO CALORIES, NO SUGAR - Love every sip, with no calories and no sugar
  • INCLUDES - 24 x 330 ml cans, stock your home or office and enjoy with friends, family and coworkers
  • BEST SERVED - Serve chilled or over ice. Perfect for parties, meals, and celebrations big and small and every day
  • SUITABLE FOR VEGANS, VEGETARIANS - A sparkling diet soft drink
  • REMEMBER TO RECYCLE - Our cans and bottles can be recycled

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  1. Avatar
    Thank you, I've been after the Irn-bru xtra for ages now, my Asda app has been saying out of stock the whole time their 3 for £20 offer has been on.
    I’ve had the Irn Bru XTRA on S&S from Amazon for about 6 months. I think it’s the only item on my S&S orders that has never been out of stock. Price is about £6.50 - £7.00 per case.
  2. Avatar
    3 x 24 DIET Coke is £28.50
    Go to checkout and it will take £8.50 off
  3. Avatar
    How does Diet Pepsi compare to Pepsi Max? I drink Pepsi Max all day every day, but unfortunately that isn't included in the offer. Will I like Diet Pepsi?
    For a long time when there was only Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi it was generally regarded that Diet Pepsi tasted considerably better. However Pepsi max and Coke Zero were released as improvements on them both. But I still think Diet Pepsi is slightly nicer than Pepsi max. But taste is subjective. I do think however Coke Zero is the best of the lot by far.
  4. Avatar
    I've had pepsi max on order for months.
    Me too
  5. Avatar
    Those poor delivery drivers
  6. Avatar
    Good if u wanna get a upset stomach, sic
    Cola used to be a treatment for upset stomaches in the early 1900s.
  7. Avatar
    Got 4 slabs for £21.50 with the S&S👏👏
    Link please, thanku
  8. Avatar
    Asda any 3 for £20 with a bigger selection, if it helps..

    Diet Pepsi showing extended dispatch with no S&S options. (edited)
  9. Avatar
    I just paid £16.25 for 3 slabs with s&s
  10. Avatar
    Great stuff for removing rust, ordered
    Bet you drink water though? And that creates rust.
  11. Avatar
    I'm still waiting for mine. They've offered me the option to cancel the order, but I think I'll stick it out for a bit longer.
  12. Avatar
    Great offer. Thanks for posting
  13. Avatar
    Amazing, thanks op
  14. Avatar
    Of course the Pepsi & 7UP are dispatched within 1-3 weeks
  15. Avatar
    Coming up over £21 for me?
  16. Avatar
    S&S only available in iron bru for me
  17. Avatar
    Massive heat. Comes down to £16.64 on S&S. problem is, the pepsi and 7up has rapidly sold out. (edited)
  18. Avatar
    Do these ever actually get delivered?
    Yes. I bought the Irn bru the last time this deal was on.
  19. Avatar
    Irn-bru XTRA 😋😋😋
  20. Avatar
    Thanks for posting that link re the heightened risk of stroke.

    For many years, just like saccharin, aspartame has been known to cause many serious illnesses, from cancer to diabetes (due to the way the brain sends signals to the pancreas + other organs in response to artificial "sugary" tastes).

    Sucralose and other artificial sweeteners are also increasingly linked to inflammation (+ therefore also so to cancer, heart failure, joint inflamation/pain).

    Natural + more healthy stevia leaves are also being deliberately confused by corporations with their chemically mass- manufactured version of stevia, which is not at all healthy.

    Even if the data does indicate the chemically processed product Stevia may be a little less damaging than the other artificial sweetener rogues, it is still worse in the body than drinks without it. (edited)
  21. Avatar
    Just got an updated delivery schedule and is due to be delivered Monday...

    Not sure I'm happy with that or not. Think they should be given a day off tbh.
  22. Avatar
    They've cancelled my diet Pepsi order, wish they would stop cancelling orders just because they don't have enough - it never stops them from taking the money upfront though.
    I got my 3 on Friday last week!
  23. Avatar
    Oooh that Tango Peach stuff is ace, will have to order!