Diff'rent Strokes - Complete Season 1 DVD Boxset £2.69* delivered @ BTR

Diff'rent Strokes - Complete Season 1 DVD Boxset £2.69* delivered @ BTR

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Diff'rent Strokes aired from 1978-1986, taking place in Manhattan and centring on the story of the Drummond family. Phillip Drummond (Conrad Bain) is a wealthy, penthouse-dwelling widower who lives with his teenage daughter Kimberly (Dana Plato); in fulfilment of the dying wishes of his former housekeeper, he has taken in her two sons, Willis (Todd Bridges) and Arnold Jackson (Gary Coleman), ghetto youths from Harlem whose fish-out-of-water status in their new home forms the comedic basis of the show. In the first series, the boys try to escape back to Harlem, Willis finds (and loses) his first job, Willis gets up to all kinds of mischief, and incredulous friends and relatives of both families come to visit.

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RIP Gary Coleman

"Whatcha talkin' bout..Willis ? "

Awesssome, thanks

Cracking deal. I was actually thinking about buying this recently after hearing about Gary Coleman's passing, purely for nostalgic reasons. I used to love this show growing up, along with the likes of Trouble TV's "One On One", "City Guys" etc, all very cheesy but they're feel good.

For less than £3 for 588 minutes worth of episodes, it's incredible.



absolute bargain...cheers OP.

Thanks, just ordered, great deal x

well i ordered it, i have fond memories but they are really vague so I hope they are as good as i remember, feel like a sheep lol


A great deal andy! This deal has been featured over at ]Playpennies!


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