Digihome 80gb Twin Tuner Freeview Recorder £89.95 in store
Digihome 80gb Twin Tuner Freeview Recorder £89.95 in store

Digihome 80gb Twin Tuner Freeview Recorder £89.95 in store

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Just received a leaflet through the door offering a Digihome 80gb Twin Tuner Freeview Recorder for the bargain price of £89.95, available in store only. I've been looking for one for my sister, and this is by far the cheapest I've seen a new 80gb recorder selling for.


Asda do a functionally identical 80G Freeview twin tuner PVR box but silver in colour branded DUAL for only £79.99. Produced in the same Turkish factory as the Digihome.

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This is a brand new Digihome model I believe, not the PVR80. I'm not sure of the details, but I don't think it suffers from the old one's problem of not being able to record 2 programs at once, or timeshift whilst the a show is being recorded. Think that's probably worth the extra £5.

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong tho.

I cant find the one at Tesco or Asda, does anyone have a better link please.

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In store only I'm afraid.

I bought the 160gb Digihome box from Maplin for £86 last week. Was B Graded But I think this was due to it be discontinued. Not on site anymore but keep a look out in your local store as they are out there according to the sales staff for the online Maplin store.

The older model (rebranded as various makes, mine is a Sharp) can be firmware upgraded via a pc and serial cable to enable it to record 2 different channels simultaneously. Not too sure if it's a newer version though....


if you read through this you'll get some info about converting the unit so it records two channels simulataneously.

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But if you can only have 2 days of EPG is it really worth it?

I have no problems with my EPG, I have sorted through the channels and deleted all the top up TV and any other music etc ones that I'll never ever watch, I get a week ito view with no problems, although it will sometime take a few seconds to update if I go forward more than a couple of days. I suppose it depends what you want, if you need the full channel list a full week in advance then it won't be for you, but it suits me fine to have a cut down (and much easier to navigate to what I want to watch) list of channels, and have the dual record facility.
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