Digihome LCD26701 26" Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV £299.99 Delivered!
Digihome LCD26701 26" Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV £299.99 Delivered!

Digihome LCD26701 26" Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV £299.99 Delivered!

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This was posted about a month ago and went up to £320, but has since come back down to £299.99 including free SuperSaver delivery. Not a bad buy for a 26" LCD TV and the reviews look very good too...

Features: HD Ready LCD TV # HDMI Input # 2x SCART sockets # Resolution - 1366 x 768 pixels # Brightness - 500cd/m2 # Contrast ratio - 600:1 # Response time - 25ms # Viewing angle - Hor 170 Ver 170 # Headphone socket # 16:9/4:3 Auto Switch # 1000 page text # NTSC playback # Sleep timer # Child lock # Nicam Stereo


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[COLOR=darkred]Manufacturer's Description[/COLOR]:
Turn on, tune in & experience the High Definition revolution that is hitting the country. Bringing you around four times more detail than a standard television set, it is not hard to see why people are left astounded by the picture quality offered by HD Ready sets, and this one could be yours in no time at all. This Digihome 26 Widescreen LCD boasts an HDMI input and so offers you true High Definition TV with a resolution of 720p/1080i, compared to only 625i on a standard analogue TV. Imagine breathtaking picture detail that defines every blade of grass and combine this with a wonderful array of colours unlike anything you could possibly experience on a standard TV set. This is the future & you are being given the opportunity to bring the future into your home.

The high-definition ready, 1,366 x 768 WXGA LCD panel uses the latest panel technology and features a high 600:1 contrast ratio, giving you better subtle colour details and the ability to see the picture in bright light conditions. The 25-millisecond response time means it's capable of handling fast-moving action without image blur or lag.
The 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio is the best for viewing HDTV and DVDs so you can have a more realistic cinema experience, but the TV has zoom modes for viewing 4:3 analogue broadcast TV and pan-and-scan-formatted video. Powerful speakers (2x 10w) sit on either side of the active-matrix TFT LCD, giving you full NICAM stereo sound without needing to connect to an external speaker system.
Other features include an amazing 170-degree horizontal and 170-degree vertical viewing angle, 100 preset channels, Autostore for easy tuning, child lock, multi-language onscreen display, sleep timer, integrated tuner and RF jack for terrestrial reception, ergonomic remote control, and an anti-reflective screen. Want to do more than just watch TV? The Digihome has an HDMI input, 2 rear SCART sockets for connecting up devices such as video games consoles, DVD players and external FREEVIEW set top boxes.

[COLOR=darkred]Box Contents[/COLOR]
Remote control
2 x AAA Batteries
Instruction Book
Power Supply

good find rayman:thumbsup:
Why the hell is it when I vote hot on a deal nothing happens:?


[SIZE=2]Lord Saunsburys store are doing a 26" HDMI + Free view TWF(LG) panel for the same price.....I slagged it off at £350 some weeks ago..but seriously, it is a very good LCD....sorry Lord S. - very good PC monitor and DVD player too - give it a good aerial signal and I don't think you will better it currently at the price.[/SIZE]


PS. it also does not have the side speakers attached - slimline frame

25ms response time is v. slow, no?

Yes I agree with mistersquiddy that the 25 ms response time is very slow. It will be useless for gaming with Xbox 360 or PS3. At that response rate blurring and ghosting effects on the screen will spoil your gaming experience.

Also it will not be the best tv experience when watching normal tv that has any fast moving images, for example watching sports, it will also most likely suffer from blurring and ghosting effects, more so when attempting to watch a football match for example.

Another problem with this tv is it's low Contrast ratio of 600:1 which will likely mean that the colours this tv displays will look washed out and will not give a very good true representation of the colours that should be displayed on it.

Although £300 may seem a good price to some people for a 26" LCD tv, there can be a vast difference in the different quality of LCD tv's, even in the budget range of tv's.

These comparisons can be seen mainly when you begin to compare the specs of similar priced tv's. If your in the market for a new LCD tv or Plasma I would seriously consider doing a bit research on them before making a purchase. The last thing you want is to have spent your hard earned cash on something that is useless at the job it was intended for.:?

Personally If looking for a tv in this price range I would prefer to spend another £27.75 and buy a AOC L27W451B 27" HD Ready Widescreen LCD TV.
You get a 27" screen as opposed to the 26" with this one and the specs are a lot better for your money. Response time is 6.5ms nearly 4 times faster than this tvs and It also has a 1200:1 Contrast Ratio which is double the contrast ratio of this tv. :roll:
It is also Sky HD Approved + Xbox HD Ready, which to me would indicate that this tv has been tested on both of these. I have a 32" Mirai LCD tv with similar specs to the AOC and it performs well when connected to both these systems.

Anyone interested in purchasing the AOC L27W451B 27" tv the cheapest I could find was at overclockers uk for £327.75 delivered, it is currently in stock and on special offer for this week only. Here is the link to it. overclockers.co.uk/sho…-AO

The AOC one looks nice.

It's £303 delivered here


Great price space cowboy on the AOC if they have plenty of these in stock. I would post this one as a deal.

tesco have (instore, can,t find it online) a 37" digihome hd lcd with freeview and hdmi connection for 500.

Theres a good 32" one on ebuyer ebuyer.com/UK/…171 only £305
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