Digihome PVR160 Twin Tuner Freeview with * 160Gb * HDD- £149.99 at Argos !!!!
Digihome PVR160 Twin Tuner Freeview with * 160Gb * HDD- £149.99 at Argos !!!!

Digihome PVR160 Twin Tuner Freeview with * 160Gb * HDD- £149.99 at Argos !!!!

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Digihome PVR160 Twin Tuner Freeview with 160Gb HDD is now £149.99 at Argos

Specifications: Silver | 160Gb hard disk drive | 77 hours and 35 minutes of recording time | Digitally interactive | Digital text | RF loop | Digital audio broadcasting (DAB) | Digital video broadcasting (DVB) subtitles available | Auto setup | Auto detection of new channels | Auto scan for new channels | Now and next electronic programme guide (EPG) | 7 day electronic programme guide (EPG) | 2 SCART sockets | Remote control.


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[COLOR=darkred]Digihome PVR80 Twin Tuner Freeview with 80Gb HDD[/COLOR] is also available for £99.99

Where: Argos


Seems a decent price for this with good features Thanks edi!

IMHO these boxes are quite limited. The "twin" tuner is a bit of a misnomer, as they really act as one tuner boxes with a second viewing only tuner bolted on. The second tuner not having the capabilities to record.

For example you can pause the current programme you are watching, but NOT if you have a scheduled recording about to kick off as the recording has to use the same tuner as the buffering.

You would IMHO be much better off either paying extra from a Humax 9200 or Topfield box, or hunting down an older 4TV box (i.e. Thomson DHD4000, [Digi]Fusion FVRT150/200 etc.).

The DHD4000 can still be found at argos catnum 532/0840. You can only see stock levels in store or via their Ring and Reserve service due to being an old catalogue item.

The Digifusions are available as refurbed boxed from the likes of Dabs, Microdirect and eBuyer. Some reliability issues caused by loose cables in transit, but fine once you've reseated them, and start from £75 delivered for Dabs.

The 4TV boxes are fully featured twin tuner PVRs which allow you to buffer 2 channels at once. Record 2 programmes AND watch a pre-recorded 3rd. Archive to DVD (via scart and a suitable standalone dvd recorder) etc.

HDDs can easily be upgraded to 120GB and if you are technically minded, you can add a USB port for copying the programmes to a PC.

FWIW I picked up a DHD4000 last week from Argos and I'm very very happy with it.

Loads of info on PVRs at Digitalspy:


HTH - Rufus.

I bought the 80 mb, single tuner version of this (badged 'digifusion') from Argos earlier this year. Single tuner is fine for me as I've got a TV with Freeview built in. I have found it easy to use and completely reliable. The software's been unpdated altomatically twice. They all seem pretty ugly in appearance, although once under the TV they don't seem so bad.

Thanks for all the extra useful information RufusA and williegofar

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Thanks Ray

Donno much about these gadgets. Thanks for the extra info RufusA and williegofar

Still a good price edi Just doesn't do as much as some of the others [Humax and Topfield are popular brands].
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