(Digital) Ever Oasis 3DS game £20.99 using 160 My Nintendo Gold Points via Nintendo Store

(Digital) Ever Oasis 3DS game £20.99 using 160 My Nintendo Gold Points via Nintendo Store



Thank you for posting @Kaz00ie agreed, that is a great price
The nintendo account/points thing is a complete nightmare.

My son has a nintendo ID and I have been buying games for him on the 2DS and Wii for years. I set up a nintendo account for myself today and got a load of points that entitles me to a discount, so I went to buy a game for him and it says I need to link a Nintendo ID to my online account in order to get the discount - went to link my son's ID and it says "the birth dates don't match"!!!

So now I have a load of points that I can't use, simply because my son has a different date of birth from me!! Have spent ages trying to get it sorted (and about a million emails) but it's a complete mess. The only way I can see around it is to create a nintendo ID for myself then buy the game via that, but that means I'd have to sign my son out on the console and log in as me to play it!

Nintendo accounts are a joke
Am I the only one who hates this Nintendo idea of spending hard earned gold coins on pretty average discounts on games? It seems weird that to get a discount you have to pay for it in gold? Wish they'd just change it so you can actually get games for free with enough coins.
You can get free games but Wii U and 3DS so far. Had some good offers so far, you just have to wait for the right ones.
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