Digital Film Scanner £44. 99 + 3YR Warranty @ Aldi from 25th March
Digital Film Scanner £44. 99 + 3YR Warranty @ Aldi from 25th March

Digital Film Scanner £44. 99 + 3YR Warranty @ Aldi from 25th March

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Digital Film Scanner
£44. 99 each *

Import images into your PC with digital clarity and efficiency.

* Sensor: 5 megapixel
* Resolution: 1800 dpi
* Exposure: auto exposure and colour balance
* LCD: 6.09cm (2.4'') LCD colour display
* Memory card slot supports SD/MMC cards
* Connector: USB 2.0/TV-out
* Power: AC with USB adaptor
* Weight: 410g
* Size: 152 x 86 x 82mm


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Last year Aldi sold a similar scanner (but without the colour screen) for £39.99 which got to 373 degrees year at hotukdeals.com/ite…523
They had sold out in my local shop by 9am.

Amazon are selling a model that looks like its the same as this one for £93. The reviews are variable amazon.co.uk/pro…s=1 and the instructions sound poor. The consensus seems to be that its not really a "scanner", but a 5MP camera and an LED back light. You won't get top quality scans, but you can get reasonable quality ones fairly quickly.

The Aldi URL in the link used to work, but doesn't any more.

This one works now aldi.co.uk/uk/…htm

I bought this film scanner yesterday, within minutes of the Hull store opening.

Not a bad film scanner, though don’t expect miracles. The picture quality isn’t the best – irrespective of slide or negative quality, images appear to be very grainy and interpolated. That said, the premise is simple, the scanner is useful for scanning negative and slides – converting them to JPEGs. This gives you the opportunity to share your images online (Flickr, etc), without too much fuss. The resolution isn’t brilliant for large digital prints; then again if you want anything larger, why not use the original negative?

That said, using PhotoShop, I can create a useful 7.5in x 5in print at 300dpi – cleaning up the image and resizing it. This is more than most users will require from such a setup. The film scanner is very quick and simple to use, and for those familiar to scanners, digital cameras and PCs, the controls are very intuitive. Is it worth £44.99? If, like me, you have thousands and thousands of slides and negatives, then yes.

Then again, if you want the best scans, then look elsewhere and prepare to spend hundreds (if not thousands) more.
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