Digital Kitchen Scales (Black Glass) £5 @ Asda Instore

Digital Kitchen Scales (Black Glass) £5 @ Asda Instore

LocalFound 19th Sep 2010
Must be the cheapest digital kitchen scales around! Measures in kg and oz, in 1g increments.
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Standard price - been that price for a long time.
Standard or not, it's the best I've seen. I was about to pay a tenner + for a set from Amazon or Argos. Are these ok?
Not bad to be fair, only bought them a couple of weeks ago, had no problems with them - although initially the reading jumped all over the scale when I got it out of the box and sat it on a worksurface, but within a minute or two it seemed to settle down and has been fine since. It does also allow you to stick say a bowl on, then recalibrate it so the bowl weighs 0 which is needed on these type of scales.
Oh, I like them. They would go nice in my kitchen.
I only brought them today, so no comment on how long they'll last. But the lcd display is under the glass so no liquid can get in & the button on the top is touch sensitive, used for on, tare & off (nice to have an off button, as many don't), there is a press button on the bottom to change units. I'm really happy with them & they look as nice as many of the more expensive ones.
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