Digital Metal Detector With LCD Display £44.78 delivered @ ebuyer with super saver
Digital Metal Detector With LCD Display £44.78 delivered @ ebuyer with super saver

Digital Metal Detector With LCD Display £44.78 delivered @ ebuyer with super saver

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Find lost items, coins, relics, jewellery, gold and silver!

With a large LCD digital display which shows the probable type of metal, you will be sure to find lots of lost treasures!

This is a fantastic metal detector with plenty of features to keep you hunting for hours with brilliant control.


* Three audio tones
o Low - for gold rings, nails, bottle caps
o Medium - for gold, aluminium pull tabs, zinc or copper
o High - for brass or silver
* Notch discrimination - Ignores junk metals and finds just the metals you are searching for.
* Adjustable sensitivity and discrimination
* Adjustable shaft length - with comfortable arm rest
* 8" open face waterproof search coil - for hunting in muddy conditions or in shallow water
* Adjustable volume control
* Headphone jack - for private listening (headphones not included)
* Depth readout
* Low battery indication
* 200mm waterproof search coil
* Powered by 2 x 9v batteries


Original Poster


This looks pretty much like the Maplins one I bought a couple of years back.

A few hours fun but not really worth the money. Found a few bits of brass tubing etc. lying close to the surface, but even with the discrimination set to various settings it still picked up lots of tin foil. The lack of a comprehensible manual, or for that fact a comprehensible user interface, didn't really help.

I guess the jump up in price to a "real" machine makes this an interesting novelty.

When I bought mine I did get a realisation that there was about as much bullshot spoken in metaldetecting circles as in, for example, those of the HiFi geeks. When people asked in forums if the Maplin one was worth it "enthusiasts" would shoot them down and direct them to specialists "who would never sell such rubbish!" only to find said retailers selling exactly the same rebadged machines, with glowing sales blurb, for 3-4 times the price.

Another point is, this is Ebuyer who are A'holes. If you get a faulty one then it's pretty much evens that you have wasted your money.

Sorry but these are a bag of pants, spend more on a good starter machine like the garrett ace 250 and you won't regret it.

Got one of these when they were £40 in Maplin last year. Quite fun to play with, but I've only found junk so far.
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