Digital Moisture Meter, Aldi WAS £12.99 REDUCED £6.99

Digital Moisture Meter, Aldi WAS £12.99 REDUCED £6.99

LocalFound 11th Feb 2014
Went in to the Belle Vue, Middlesbrough store and found this Digital Moisture Meter, only thing wrong is the 4 AAA batteries are missing from the package, but I think I can supply my own.
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I am after one of these I check my Aldi's tomorrow thanks.
i dont think its going to be available anywhere else for that price, its going to be clearance stock. cold for me.
probably customer returns, does it work?
in your aldi maybe. these re-priced items are store specific. I found led reindeers in one store but not anywhere else
@ bouncy99 - I know not everywhere will have them, I've commented enough times about Aldi reductions being store specific and managers discretion, every item that is posted on here with an Aldi reduction sticker on it is going to be a clearance item.

@ mikbak - Not customer return, and yes it does work, if it didn't it has a 3 year warranty so I'd get my money back.
So I've got to find an Aldi that has stock of these with the batteries missing, wonder how much it will be if the batteries are there but the meter is missing?

This seems to be a very specific reduction circumstance, not even standard clearance, so cold unless it can be shown otherwise.
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