Digital photo frame - 9" - £32.95 delivered!

Digital photo frame - 9" - £32.95 delivered!

Found 2nd Nov 2007
Found this in La Redoutes new christmas line. Everywhere else digital frame cost over £100. In La Redoute the 9" version is £55 (strange as the 7" is £75!). Add the code 4758 to get £25 off. This product looks great - it has internal memory and a card slot. Can play music / video and has clock/alarm facility. Ordered one for ma-in-law to preload with some pictures for crimbo, and one on my mums account for her to buy for me!

Why settle for a single photograph when you can create your own slideshow? Simply insert a compatible memory card into the digital frame to show photos, play MP3 music or MP4 video files. Bright 7ins or 9ins TFT active matrix LCD screen (16:9 aspect ratio). Built-in memory for 15 photos.

Supports formats: MP3/MP4/JPEG/WMA. Supports memory cards SD/MMC/XD/MS and USB 2.0. Supports up to 16 megapixel image files (JPEG format). Clock and calendar functions. Alarm with snooze. Automatic slideshow with multiple transition effects and adjustable display time.

User friendly on-screen display lets you access all controls easily. Suitable for wall hanging or use with stand. Supplied with remote control, 2 interchangeable faceplates, universal power adaptor (range from 110v to 240v) and stand.
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I can't seem to find it on the website :?
Whats the resoloution?
Go to the christmas section, electricals, imaging. Found it there
thanks got it =]
Not registered. How do I get a customer number?
is this any good?
Ive been looking for one of these for a whle and while I cannot comment on quality, its is the same price as the cheapest ive found. At to that the fact that its is 9" and not 7", and has many more features than other cheap ones and I think it is a great buy..definately hot.

My only worry to warn you is that le redoute seem to just cancel orders. I order something from them before and they just sent a letter saying it was out of stock. Not sure if it will happen again but be warned. worth a try though...
Considering amazon has 9inch ones starting at £70 then by price alone hell yeah!

Just ordered mine quick smart.
Don't forget 6% quidco
great find, ordered mine already...thanks very much...voted hot
Excellent. thanks for the post.. was looking for one but could not find better than 7" for £35-£40... this one is 9" for £33.. so pleased with that..

Second time La Redoute got it wrong with the size.. First it was with the Ipod (the 8Gb is cheaper than the 4Gb), now the frame (9" cheaper than 7").. wonder what they are doing .. but eh, as long as I get the correct one delivered...

Shame we can't put 2 codes together.. tried the free digital camera, but it takes the £25 off.. nevermind, my fault being greedy..:giggle:

Thanks again for the post.

ok. Where do you put the card? Does it come after the card details screen cos thats where I am now....?
By card I meant code. Doh.
just ordered mine as well, see how it goes. so far out of using the hotukdeals, 1 cancelled, 2 pending, fingers crossed
....if they mix up the prices they DO NOT HONOUR THEM !!!

I order a ipod nano during the price mix up and was sent the 4gb and NOT the 8gb (which came up as cheaper at the time)

Don't bother ordering the cheaper one expecting the larger frame cause people, they will just send you the smaller one.

Just some friendly advice. Voted cold (sorry) ;-)
Please read the following before proceeding:

Use of voucher codes not provided by Quidco will result in your cashback being declined.

8445 10% off your preferred item + free delivery on all purchases over £80 (preferred item refers to first item in the basket)

8452 Free digital camera on all purchases over £30
Hot Hot Hot

But judging past experiences ( Ipod anyone ) we probably wont get them :roll:
Absolute bargain, just tried to ring my missus to buy one toot suite, and getting the answermachine.....looks great in the photos. voted HOT!!!!!!! :thumbsup:
Many thanks!:thumbsup:
Would have got one but I realised it's widescreen and I'd rather not have to fiddle around with all my digital photos (or subject someone else to it if it was a present) just to make them display properly.
Excellent - another Christmas present sorted out :-D

I got a bit worried about when to put in the promotional code ... it is the screen after you put in your credit card details.

Thanks vclowes.
Well gone for one for a pressie, if its rubbish or the 7" one then I can always send it back at their cost.
Thanks I have got one too.
Lets hope the delivery speed is better than normal
Good find, Ordered one for xmas:santa:
to be honest, even the 7" would be a good price..esp with thos efeatures. whether the picture is any good is another matter, but id expect the 7" not the 9"..

thats if you get anything. still ive gone for it...
Yeah resolution is my main concern with these. But no harm in testing one out!

Also hoping it will resize pics for widescreen, we will see?
Just ordered one great thanks.
i was a bit worried because it i put all my credit card details and there wasnt a bit for the code but once i had submitted card details next page asks for any codes so dont worry.
You then confirm payment.

Brilliant spot many thanks
voted hot !!!!
what a bargain !!!!
Thanks - Been on the look out for a deal like this :santa:
Voted hot:thumbsup: for the 9inch
Great find! Bought one for my mum for crimbo. Just had my confirmation email through so fingers crossed will get it at this great price!!
HOT and ordered...
Not bothering as red doute suck as much devine brown

Not bothering as red doute suck as much devine brown

lol personally never had any problems with them apart from slow delivery voted hot
Good find, cheers OP.

Not too hopeful of getting one delivered though, regardless of confirmation email.
nice one if we get it
excellent... have ordered 1 !!!....... thanks
Have had a couple problems with La Redoute in the past, however ive been looking for one of these, so im giving it a bash.
Voted hot. If this comes through, then that's one xmas pressie down!
Great spot - thanks. A Christmas present taken care of (assuming they honour it - probably not though).

Heat and rep added :thumbsup:
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