Digital Safe - £19.99 @ Argos

Digital Safe - £19.99 @ Argos

LocalFound 22nd Sep 2008
I wanted a small electronic Safe, so found one at Argos (Part number 701/5359). Ordered it and collected in store, but they have substituted a much better quality and spec YALE for the price. The YALE has loads of combinations (8 digits) as opposed to just 200 combinations on the style shown in the ad picture shown here. The closest one to what I got is B&Q's own Small safe and thats £29.98, a tenner more. If you go to and enter 9380971 in the search box you can see the one I mean.

The YALE from Argos looks pretty much identical. So you might like to reserve and check it out at the counter, as I expect that they'll be substituting the YALE across all stores now :-)
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think these are £12.99 at Makro at the moment.

£15.26 inc vat
Wow, that IS a real bargain :-) Been looking for one for a while now and have not seen many deals :-(

I've got a MAKRO Trade card as well, only problem is my nearest branch is over 60 miles from me :-( So £19.99 is not to bad for me :-)
I've added a price and retailer name to the thread title. Thanks. Please see the links in my signature for help on posting deals.
Is the Makro one the yale (B&Q type) with 8 digits ?
Cheers Emma :-)
Wish i could find a floor safe for that price.

Wish i could find a floor safe for that price.

as far as i know you can bolt this to the floor - bolts provided?

i have a similar one and it came with bolts and fitting instructions - hardly worth the trouble though as a sledge hammer and a chisel will break the door open.

if someone wants into one of these brute force will manage it
Way I figure it is I trust one of these with my passport, cameras etc. in the hotel room when I'm on holiday, so its better than nothing at home... I wouldn't put my life savings in it, but its OK as a basic deterrant. It does have holes in the base to screw to the floor BTW

desdan as far as i know you can bolt this to the floor - bolts provided?

Yes i ment the ones that are in the floor inbetween the joists.
I have one of the above and for the money there very good.
It's just worth bearing in mind that all the back up keys across these ranges are identical.
I think long time ago there was some from Wilkinsons Store. I got one for £16.00
Now they are back, really good ones! Battery last quite some time too!
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