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Sony 70-200mm f2.8 G SSM II £2099.99 @ DigitalDepot
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Posted 22nd Jan 2017Posted 22nd Jan 2017
Sony 70-200mm f2.8 G SSM II £2099.99 @ DigitalDepot£2,099.99
easily the cheapest anywhere for genuine UK stock, and within a whisker of being as cheap as a grey import, but with a proper UK warranty. Also within £100 of the used price...

Have ordered from Digital Depot before. All good, UK company and Warranty.


Leica and Hasselblad are just overpriced junk too - Canikon rules. :{


ok cool, hadn't heard of them really until few months back maybe they need to advertise more :p


​They're not only a listed Sony UK retailer, but one of their Alpha stores of excellence.


digitaldepot really uk? "Opening in Stevenage in 1998 DIGITAL DEPOT was the first digital only photographic shop in the UK, possibly in the world! The accumulated knowledge within our staff and management means we are at the forefront of the latest technological innovations and changes." they still have one pokey looking shop just?

Nikon AF-S 200-500mm f5.6E ED VR Lens - £999 using code @ Digital Depot
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Posted 30th May 2016Posted 30th May 2016
Nikon AF-S 200-500mm f5.6E ED VR Lens - £999 using code @ Digital Depot£999
Available at Digital Depot Fabulous Lens for the price at normal price of £1100+ at £999 its a steal. Currently showing as £1099 on site, however if you add discount code 200500 … Read more

It's a Grey Import so not the same deal as posted. Deal posted will come with Nikon UK Warranty and support.


As I can't find a UK registered address fro E-Finity or a VAT number on their website, I presume that it is a grey import. The price above as far as I am aware is for a registered UK supplier. I won't get into discussions on Grey import vs non as it has been gone over many times before all over the web. Yes you can get cheaper via grey import, the question is whether it is appropriate for the individual concerned. For a UK market lens, in my opinion it is a very good price.


E-INFINITY £843, used them before.Excellent.

Panasonic LUMIX FZ1000 Digital Camera (£449 with cashback) @ Digital Depot
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Posted 30th Apr 2016Posted 30th Apr 2016
Panasonic LUMIX FZ1000 Digital Camera (£449 with cashback) @ Digital Depot£499
Large 1-inch 20.1MP high sensitivity MOS sensor High quality LEICA lens with 16x Optical Zoom (25-400mm f2.8~f4) 4K Video Recording and 8 Megapixel Still Images Full HD high speed … Read more

loads in reviews and samples on the net from the past year+ ...


any photos to share pls?


I've had mine for 6 months now - paid £439 total after £50 cash back from Panasonic. Terrific camera, but it has taken me a long time to master, but now the results are truly outstanding! If you're thinking about this camera then go for it, you will not be disappointed!


dont argue, phil bought a camera one time.... well really he bought lots cos didn't know what was buying but.. yeah!


Not a bad camera that takes excellent images in good sunlight. Had mine for over a year now.

Nikon D3200 Digital SLR + 18-55mm VR Lens - Black £299 @ Digital Depot
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Posted 6th Feb 2016Posted 6th Feb 2016
Nikon D3200 Digital SLR + 18-55mm VR Lens - Black £299 @ Digital Depot£299
First post ever. Please be kind. I think this is a pretty good deal with 2 years warranty and lens included.

This is for the non-VR lens. With the VRII lens it is more expensive. D3300 with the VRII lens is better for the price posted.



You can get the newer and better D3300 with the VR II lens and the 2 year guarantee for only £279.99 from Argos. walk in and pick it up, no waiting for delivery


If you really want a 3200 with that lens Castle Cameras have it for £249.00


The newer D3300 with better 18-55mm VR II lens can be picked up for the same price.

canon 6D body( £999 2 year warranty after canon cash back) £1099 @ Digital Depot
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Posted 18th Oct 2015Posted 18th Oct 2015
canon 6D body( £999 2 year warranty after canon cash back) £1099 @ Digital Depot£1,099
First time you can get a UK model 6d body only for under a grand with two year warranty. uk ship as well. Camera is £1099 but canon are doing £100 cash back on this dslr at the mom… Read more
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£1099 with the Canon EF 24-105mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens now at Wilkinson Cameras, with Canon UK Warranty.


Excellent camera with a couple of drawbacks ie. Focal points, flash speed but still great value


Hongkong based are grey imports


What about Digitalrev?


Worth the risk on the camera with x25 points

Sony A6000 for £449 brand new. Plus claim £100 cashback from Sony making it £349! @ Digital Depot
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Posted 22nd Aug 2015Posted 22nd Aug 2015
Sony A6000 for £449 brand new. Plus claim £100 cashback from Sony making it £349! @ Digital Depot£449
Probably the best deal in compact system cameras right now. I currently use Panasonic's micro four thirds cameras, but this is so much camera/image quality/autofocus speed for the … Read more

Did you have to do the cash back form before the 6th sept I did mine on the 7th purchased camera end of August They sent me an email saying we have cancelled because u are entilteled to double cash Back but can't Bellevue that


I regret not seeing this deal earlier


I regret not taking the plunge


In case anyone else took the same route as me, and is worried to be not getting paid out.I've had confirmation that my that Sony are paying out on the £100 cash aback So all in all very pleased with the deal


Has anyone received their order from digital depot yet?

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Nikon D7200 (body and FREE battery grip) £799 from
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Posted 4th Jul 2015Posted 4th Jul 2015
Nikon D7200 (body and FREE battery grip) £799 from£799
Cheapest ever price according to camerapricebuster: Free battery grip until 2nd September: ht… Read more

779 at Currys free battery grip worth over 150 from Nikon promotions. Also of you have o2, £50 off 750 spend. So would come in at £550 if you see what I mean


Comment I also read that the industry switch from metal to plastic coathangers resulted in substantial design flaws and poor reliability. I guess you're plastic!


AFAIK Digital Rev sell grey import camera equipment


[image missing]


its cheaper here I've brought a few lenses from them with no problems at all. Also their YouTube channel is pretty funny.

CHEAPEST EVER! GoPro Hero 4 Silver + Free UKPRO FLEX GRIP £249.99 Delivered at Digital Depot
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Posted 22nd Nov 2014Posted 22nd Nov 2014
CHEAPEST EVER! GoPro Hero 4 Silver + Free UKPRO FLEX GRIP £249.99 Delivered at Digital Depot£249.99
I was just about to buy one for £279 and saw this. It's the cheapest price that it's ever been according to Camera Price Buster so I've ordered one. Everyone knows what these are… Read more
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back to 279 :(


Got mine too. So glad that it helped you out. Your son will love it!


Got mine yesterday. Can't wait till Christmas. It's for my son to wear on his helmet at skate parks. My aim is to review the footage to look for any unfortunate painful falls and then submit to you've been framed to make the £250 back!!!


Glad that it helped some people.


Still shows as available for home delivery.

Canon 10EG Gadget/Camera Bag £35 +£3.80 Delivery
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Posted 12th Feb 2014Posted 12th Feb 2014
Canon 10EG Gadget/Camera Bag £35 +£3.80 Delivery£35
I know this is not the cheapest this bag has ever been but it's just gone down to £35 from £50 on amazon (RRP £69.99). It's still a good price for a great quality 'gadget' bag.

You make a good point. I usually use a camera insert in my normal day bag!


prefer ruck/back/sling packs as they don't advertise 'mug' me as much as branded highly noticeable camera bags.


The same bag is £63 on Argos, but I think this is the one you mean. Smaller, but good quality item.


Great bag. .. Did you get the Jl Lowe pro canvas yesterday


There's a similar one on sale for £25 at argos which might be of interest to you I can't post the link ATM but it won't be hard to find!

SONY A77 DSLR Camera body £599 from Digital Depot
Posted 28th Jan 2014Posted 28th Jan 2014
SONY A77 DSLR Camera body £599 from Digital Depot£599
SONY A77 Camera Body Cheapest I've seen for UK stock Built to meet the creative demands of serious photo enthusiasts 24.3 megapixel Exmor™ APS HD CMOS Full HD AVCHD 25/50p 12fps … Read more
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heads up, email the guy and he will do it for the £599, decided not to part ex mine as I have a laptop on order so I need to curb my spending.


crap, I asked for a part ex on my A55 and got accepted, I was just about to phone and place the order when I read it had gone up £50 :(


Back up to £649 now anyway so can be expired I suppose :)


A really good deal .I'm Swithering .


depends really, it will work very well with full frames lenses, I have 2 for my old A55 I want to replace. also you are not limited as they sell adapters. Depends what you like, if you like cutting edge SLT over shutter based SLR with in camera image stabilization then this is a good camera.

Canon 1100D Lens Kit (EF-S 18-55mm IS lens) + 8GB SD + Bag - £269 @ Digital Depot
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Posted 7th Dec 2013Posted 7th Dec 2013
Canon 1100D Lens Kit (EF-S 18-55mm IS lens) + 8GB SD + Bag - £269 @ Digital Depot£269
Cheap Bundle with IS lens? 2 Year Warranty

Decent price, but if I was buying and had to choose between the two then I'd go for the 600D as it has more features. You'd probably outgrow the 1100D extremely quickly anyway.


Good camera got from canon ebay for much less no warranty


looks good!


Is this any good? This or 600D from amazon with the free lens and cashback?

Canon 6D DSLR Body  £1499 Digital Depot / John Lewis UK stock with 2 Year Warranty
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Posted 21st Jan 2013Posted 21st Jan 2013
Canon 6D DSLR Body £1499 Digital Depot / John Lewis UK stock with 2 Year Warranty£1,499
This is the best possible price I was able to find for Canon's new Full Frame Digital SLR. I've had mine a week now and I'm super pleased with it, the sensor has given me a hige q… Read more


For those that buy from Panamoz .. what's the situation with regards to import duty? Thanks!


HDEW cameras in Wallington Surrey have good prices. Reading comments from various forums about them, I am yet to find a negative review about them. They deal in some GREY imports USA, HK etc. from what I read. They seem to give 1 year international CANON warranty + additional 2 years local warranty, so overall 3 years cover. You can personally visit them to pick up your camera and pay the balance (I think they ask for a £100 deposit over the phone) if you wish. They are near Wallington train station. As I used to live in that area and know that I can physically visit the shop, personally I feel more reassured parting with my money than giving it to some offshore internet company. Having said that I have not bought from them yet. Phoned them to discuss the purchase process/ warranty etc twice and considering purchasing from them soon. My understanding is that as I am buying from a UK shop my UK consumer rights are protected as well even if the camera is not targeted for the UK market as such. 6D is £1419 for body only (on 22.1.13) there so you can get it cheaper elsewhere as pointed out above, but there were some other bargains when I last checked i.e. 60D WITH the kit lens for £550 which I am interested in. Their website is here


They are imported from outside of Europe, meaning that you aren't covered by Canon's warranty. The importer either has to repair it themselves (expertise/replacement components are unknown) or send it back to it's original region to be repaired by cannon, incurring additional costs and or the time whilst it's away. I looked at additional warranties with companies like protect your bubble, but you are looking at about 10% of the value of the item you are covering, so it starts to get really close to the cost of a UK model. I was quite happy about having John Lewis handle my £1330, but I'm not sure if I would of trusted that amount of money with a company I'd never heard of on the internet. I guess I'm not brave enough, I know that the extra bit of money I spent means I can return to any john lewis store in the country and have the problem dealt with and if Canon have to deal with it, I know it will come back with it's remaining warranty in tact. I'd also be careful with the grey imports as there is a version of the 6D which doesn't have the WIFI or GPS inside.


Fair point. This isn't a bad deal at all and it seems lots of folks have forgotten that this site is called Hot UK Deals, not Hot HK Deals...

Canon EOS 60D Body Only - £599 including delivery @ Digital Depot
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Posted 11th Dec 2012Posted 11th Dec 2012
Canon EOS 60D Body Only - £599 including delivery @ Digital Depot£599
I've been keeping an eye on this camera for a while now as I fancy getting it for Christmas (hopefully). This is the cheapest price it has ever been as far as I can see. Price inc… Read more
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There are lots of nice improvements in the 60D over 400D (handling, focus, framerate and viewfinder), but megapixels isn't one of them. The *actual* detail available is only marginally better (like 5% better). The high ISO performance could be useful though - it's about 25% better. The 60D also does video should that interest you. Above people have been recommending the 70-200 F4 L. It's a great lens for sports.


I was wanting to upgrade because 400d has 10.1 megapixel sensor - the 600d has 18 megapixel - surely i will see better quality from the 600d 18 megapixel? - Or should i stick and buy a better lens - Hubby thinking of getting me one for christmas present. :)


Agreed, get some better glass and learn to get the best out of the body you have. Shooting in other modes may be frustrating to begin with but it's way more fun and interesting in the long run ;-)


I completely concur with 'jgtuk'. The only thing i would add is get best the best glass you can afford, 'L' series lenses are great but not cheap. If you how learn to use the camera you can get just as good a shot from a mid -range lens. Forget shooting in JPG shoot in RAW which allows far more fexibility in processing.......sometimes you can make a silk purse out of a sows ear...i do often lol.


First of all, to make any improvements, learn the basics of photography and get out of sports mode... You will then begin to control the scene instead of the camera. The lens mentioned above (Canon 70-200mm F4 L) is a cracking lens in good light and your 400D will work well with it. The 100-400 will be more difficult for you to use (for many reasons). Look at the forum at for some opinions on other camera bodies (personally,I believe if you don't understand how your 400D works, there is little point in throwing money at something more sophisticated) Most of all, have fun.

Sony Alpha A77 Digital SLR Body Only - £749!! @ digitaldepot
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Posted 27th Sep 2012Posted 27th Sep 2012
Sony Alpha A77 Digital SLR Body Only - £749!! @ digitaldepot£749
For such a great camera this is really low price. According to CameraPriceBuster it is £166 cheaper than the next cheapest. At that price I went and bought one to upgrade my A700. … Read more
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A good price, but apparently they are open about the fact that their products are imports. See review at: Also, according to the following report, they don't appear to be a uk limited company (if that is important to you) and the website was registered in Hong Kong, so UK office is probably just a forwarding address / stock holding address, which further supports the fact that they are probably grey imports:



Great find OP, heated


Yes it is a bit cheaper on there however like you say its an import. This is from a UK company with UK stock.


£656-16 on flrabay .....If you can trust it coming from oz

Refurbished Fuji FinePix S1600 Black Digital Camera £79.99 @ Digitaldepot
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Posted 21st Jun 2011Posted 21st Jun 2011
Refurbished Fuji FinePix S1600 Black Digital Camera £79.99 @ Digitaldepot£79.99
The Fuji FinePix S1600 a feature-packed 15x zoom bridge camera. The lens offers focal lengths from 28mm for wide-angle landscape photos to 420mm for distant action or wildlife sh… Read more
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Nikon D7000 DSLR Now £857.99 delivered @ Digital Depot
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Posted 24th Feb 2011Posted 24th Feb 2011
Nikon D7000 DSLR Now £857.99 delivered @ Digital Depot£857.99
Price keeps on stumbling on this popular camera, im holding out till its under £800 but may be of use to someone who is after one now. £857.99 delivered from digitaldepot.

I'm also holding out for £800 or below before splashing my cash, either this or the pentax k-5


Good price as long its not a grey import.


or £799 on eBay ....voted hot uk warranty for me counts for a lot....not u again iscom!!!


£819 @ photo Direct

Nikon D90 body £578 at Digital Depot
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Posted 31st Aug 2010Posted 31st Aug 2010
Nikon D90 body £578 at Digital Depot£577.99
It's £569 - I believe the P&P is £8.99

That's "European stock" - so warranty will only be through camerabox.


All rumours at the moment and I would guess the rrp when it's released will be nearer the £1200 mark, given the recent rrp of the D3100. So the D90 will still be a good bargain for months to come.


Yes - replacement due... Will be called D7000 and have a list price of around 1k


Good camera but not certainly the best price find Available for £549 at hdewcameras with delivery charge of £9.99. That gives a total price of £558.99


I think these will be reduced everywhere over the next few weeks as the rumour is that Nikon is announcing a new model on the 15th Sept.

Sony A850 Full Frame Camera for £1,399 @ Digital Depot
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Posted 21st Jul 2010Posted 21st Jul 2010
Sony A850 Full Frame Camera for £1,399 @ Digital Depot£1,399
OK, please please hotukdeals can we have a category for Camera ! Its so annoying searching in electricals with washing machines ! Ok, now I have got that over with :) This is an a… Read more
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A top camera - I have the A900 (almost the same) and love it Quite a 'minimalist' camera... but it has everything you need for photography and not much extra that you don't. It's very suitable for those of us that remember the older 35mm film SLR cameras as the control layout and features hark-back more to those than to newer models with 'picture modes' etc Maybe not the best camera for sports photographers or people who want to use high ISO's, but for studio, landscape and general outdoor photography this is fantastic - the resolution from the 24MP sensor still amazes me after nearly 2 years of ownership Many of the older Minolta lenses that fit on this camera are wonderful as well. Of particular note are the 85/1.4 and 28-135/4-4.5. The former is quite expensive but the second is top quality and can often be found second hand for very reasonable prices. The newer Zeiss lenses are obviously good but for the price they need to be - I don't have any of these My main complaint is the size and weight, but having said that it's actually lighter than an APS-C D300s and certainly smaller and ligher than a D700 Worth serious consideration if you are looking for an FF body and aren't already commited to Canon or Nikon system


ha ha, couldn't handle the pressure working for dpreview! to be honest I have sold the 5DII and D700 and now exclusively use the A850. I didn't want to say this before as I didn't want this to become a war between brands, rather a post just for this particular deal. However this has gone abit wrong. If you are interested in my experience, basically it was this. Please note this is my story and therefore probably not relevant to other people as I am a bit of a perfectionist: "The truth is that FF DSLRs are so much better then film cameras already, and within a few stops/resolution percentage of each other. I recently took some Ilford 3200 in my old 35mm Canon and was amazed to be reminded of the grain balls. My background is that I have had a series of Minolta film SLRS, a Canon film SLR and then Canon digitals. The biggest jump happened when I moved from the 40D to the 5D. The 5D had subliminal picture quality, very sharp at the pixel level, lovely colours and great dynamic range. BTW, my shooting range is mostly indoors people hand-held and outdoors landscape. However after a year or so with the 5D I had become annoyed with the fiddly handling. Eager to see if APS-C had finally caught up with FF, and a bit naïve, I bought a D300s, 50mm f1.4 and 16-85mm lens. I soon realised that FF was still far superior at the pixel level and, disappointed with the D300s, then jumped up to the D700 with 24-70mm and a bunch of other stuff. I was initially impressed with the D700 handling. I don’t know why Canon just doesn’t bung on some physical buttons for metering, focus servo, focus zone, dedicated mirror lock up and, a step further then Nikon, a rotary knob for ISO setting at 1 spot increments (please!). The D700 is lovely to hold and the positioning of the buttons is well through out. The ISO performance is great, but I was somewhat surprised to find out at the detail level that its only about a stop or so advantage from the 5D, pretty amazing for a 3 year old camera. I am also a centre focus point user, so although the D700 focus system is far more advanced then the 5D and 5DII, its something I only used occasionally (I just don’t trust any system to know where I want to focus). Lastly having flash control built into the camera is very useful. The good news is that Canon have now seen the light, and future models will have this feature. However, some things about the Nikon D700 started to grate. None of this is scientific and some folk may viciously argue with me, but I did try many ways to get around all of these. 1. The colours. They are just not as nice as the 5D (and 5DII). You can change in PP, but I was never able to get something as good. Nikon seems to be better in the yellow & green spectrum, which is not appealing to me. 2. Sharpness. The 5D is sharper at the pixel level. This has nothing to do with back/front focus, or lens issues, and the D700 focuses perfectly. Its something to do with the level of sharpening and how the firmware works on the sensor. I don’t understand this fully but when applying sharpening to D700 raw I can get to the same sharpness level as the 5D, but not without apparently loosing more detail. This is not just something I have noticed as I have seen this noted in many places on the web. The controversial Ken Rockwell, who is an overall Nikon fan, also notes this. Nikon folk will probably get very upset with this and it might be that there is something I don't know. I want to emphasize the difference is tiny and only noticeable at the pixel level, but as I crop alot, it was annoying to me. 3. The weight. The D700 is 999g and the Canon %D is around 800g. 4. Trivial but I like to mention that nikon make you pay for NX2 :( So I sold all the Nikon gear (I actually didn’t loose much, as Nikon and Canon have amazing second hand values – I actually got the same for my 5D kit as I paid for it!) and bought a 5DII, 24-105mm and other stuff. After a while I realised that the 24-105mm is just not as good as the nikon 24-70mm, but the Canon 24-70mm is not stablised. Anyway, I was offered a Sony A850 at an exceptionally low cost, bought it, bought the CZ 24-70mm, liked it, and sold the Canon. I believe, for my shooting (landscapes, architecture and people) the sony a850 is not only the best camera I have ever used, it is also the most fun. Just to deal with ISO straight away, I find it excellent. In terms of price/performance (remembering pixel numbers and DOF from FF), DXOMARK ISO: 1. Canon 7D is 854 2. Sony a850 is 1,415 3. Canon 5DII is 1,815 I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions, but in the UK note that the a850 can be found new very close to the Canon 7D price. Why do I like this sony package so much. Very simple: 1. Great handling. Lovely grip. Large AEL button. Dedicated buttons/switched for ISO, exposure mgmt, drive, focus type, compensation, etc. and a custom button to define as you want. Really handling of the D700 and far superior to the Canon 5DII 2. Lovelly colours. 3. Low weight FF as 820g for the body (same as 5DII). Nikon D700 is 999g. Note that professional APS-C cameras have no advantage here, Canon 7D - 850g Negatives ? Focus system not in the same league as Nikon, however in terms of focus points, I only ever use the centre one. No video. But I have another camera for this. In summary, this is a great no-nonsense still photographer's dream camera"


I wonder how much you've spent on lenses!


colonel, don't understand why you have the a850, d700 and the canon, sorry but don't see the logic behind this..... unless you work for dpreview?


hi, just to continue this fine conversation! why would you prefer the D700? It has limited resolution (12mp), is not as sharp (not just my opinion, see Ken Rockwell a Nikon fanboy on the comparison with the Canon 5DII) and is 20% heavier. the D700 has better noise control (2.5 stops I would say over the A850 and 1 stop over the Canon 5DII) and the best focus system out there, but unless you are taking sports photography, or fast moving indoors photography, I would much prefer the Sony or the Canon. in terms of medium format. IMHO this is hardly worth it today over the likes of the Nikon D3x, Canon 1DsIII (and IV) and , yes, the Sony A850/A900. Firstly they are large and bulky have have no zoom lenses Secondly they have aweful noise at anything above base ISO That means there is only one advantage to a Hassleblad, say, and that is, guess what, pixels. Yes, 39mp to 60mp. Is this necessary even for bill boards over time square. I doubt it. There are professional (and rich) photographers who use Medium format, but most pros, including studio pros, will use a FF DSLR