Digitech Bad Monkey Overdrive FX Pedal £25.39 @ Amazon

Digitech Bad Monkey Overdrive FX Pedal £25.39 @ Amazon

Found 24th Oct 2013
Cracking Overdrive Pedal at a bargain price..

The Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive gives your amp a boost just when you need it. It has been compared to the TS-808 but with having the unique ability to smooth out the distortion by use of the low and high EQ controls. Most overdrive pedals give you one tone control knob thus limiting your tonal options. You asked for a pedal that will maintain your guitar’s distinct tone and DigiTech delivered. With its rugged design, separate mixer and amp outputs, and amazing tonal options, this pedal truly is a Bad Monkey. From Blues to Rock to everything in between, it will give you that amazing overdriven tube amp sound that will keep begging you to crank it up.
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Some heat for a good pedal at a cheap price. GAK also do it for £25.39.

Not the TubeScreamer killer it's sometimes claimed to be but since an Ibanez TS starts at £150 for modern one (lets not go into how much a vintage one costs) it's a good starter Overdrive for the money.
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Not sure why this is going cold...? I can't find it cheaper (inc p&p)
... heat added ... and impulse purchase swiftly completed - cheers

Meant to get one of these to try out years ago,
but always got distracted
by 'cottage industry' hand built clones of vintage treble boosters & fuzz boxes
whenever I could find 'em at decent 2nd hand prices on ebay.

But I certainly aint no old gear snob,
you can never own enough subtle overdrive or filthy noise boxes of any description or price range !!!!

BTW.. just noticed this has 2 outputs [amp/mixer]
that should definitely be useful for chaining various gear configurations...

Edited by: "germaniumfuzzbox" 24th Oct 2013
Ordered, nice find, puts it in the price range of the joyo vintage overdrive which I feel is less well built. The bad monkey is unique as a tube screamer for its dedicated EQ knobs. Suffers from a little tone suck in bypass though.
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