Digitech EX-7 Expression Factory (£99, £105 inc. postage)
Digitech EX-7 Expression Factory (£99, £105 inc. postage)

Digitech EX-7 Expression Factory (£99, £105 inc. postage)

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Here's one for any guitarists out there, complete bargain considering the nearest price I could find to this is £139 excluding delivery.

Introducing the Expression Factory, the pedal that lets you metatarsally modulate a whole pedal board of classic expression pedals. From Wah to Whammy, to rare, sought-after pedals like the A/DA Flanger and our own highly collectable Space Station Synth Swell. You could pay £1000+ for separate expression pedals plus a vintage Leslie and still not get the tone and versatility we've engineered into the Expression Factory.

Model 1: Based on Dunlop® Cry Baby®
One of the most popular iterations of the Wah pedal with a slightly thicker tone than a Vox®, reminiscent of late 60s and early 70s guitar gods. Frequency range, Q (Shape), Volume controls; expression pedal changes wah effect.

Model 2: Based on Vox® Clyde McCoy Wah®
The 1966 original. Though it was designed for the guitar, it was initially aimed at trumpet players, which is why the horn player Clyde McCoy's name graces the pedal today. Frequency range, Q (Shape), Volume controls; expression pedal changes wah effect.

Model 3: Based on DigiTech® XP300 Space Station/Synth SwellTM
The most popular tone from a very rare pedal, Synth Swell packs an entire outer-space orchestra into your guitar, letting you create other-worldly effects and flourishes via the expression pedal. Pitch Shift, Chorus/Pitch balance, Swell Attack time controls; expression pedal changes input level (swell).

Model 4: Based on DigiTech Whammy®
The one and only, to use an expression. Smooth pitch bends, rich detuning, deadly dive bombs and fast tracking harmony shifts, just like the original. Whammy Shift, Tone, Wet/Dry controls; expression pedal changes pitch shift.

Model 5: Based on Unicord UnivibeTM
The chorus standard since the late 60s for adding lush depth and dimension. True to the original, our model also offers both vibrato and chorus. Chorus/Vibrato, Intensity, Volume controls; expression pedal changes modulation speed.

Model 6: Leslie® 145 rotary speaker
Add the meticulously modeled sound of the Leslie 145 rotary speaker. This is as real as it gets without lugging a 70kg cabinet around with you. Drive, Min Sweep, Max Sweep controls; expression pedal changes rotary speed.

Model 7: Based on the A/DATM Flanger
The Holy Grail of all flangers with a dramatic jet-engine fly-by sweep. Rarer than a 7-string Strat - and its optional foot controller is even harder to find! Range, Speed, Enhance controls; expression pedal changes sweep.

AND it's a volume pedal

As if seven classic expression pedals wasn't enough, we've also built in a DF-7 Distortion Factory giving you seven classic overdrives and distortions with cabinet modelling. Choose from Ibanez® TS-9, DOD® 250, Boss® DS-1, ProCo RatTM , Boss® Metal Zone®, DigiTech® Metal MasterTM or Electro-Harmonix® Big Muff Pi®.


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