DigiTech Hardwire SP-7 Stereo Phaser guitar pedal £48.98 @ Gear4Music

DigiTech Hardwire SP-7 Stereo Phaser guitar pedal £48.98 @ Gear4Music

Found 26th Jun 2017
Really nice phaser pedal, looking to be around £100+ everywhere else. Amazon previously dropped to £50, presumably to clear stock. Now Gear4Music have dropped it to what looks to be the cheapest they have ever been,

Check YT for some demos with it, it's quite impressive and reviews really well. Currently running a multi effects set up and don't need. Price is good though!

No power supply included although don't think these do normally, tbh. With that in mind

Power Specs
  • Power Supply: 9 VDC, 630mW
  • Consumption: 75mA draw
  • Battery Type: Single 9 VDC
  • Battery Life: 5.25 Hours


Wide Selection of Phasers
The DigiTech Hardwire SP-7 features 7 powerful phase effects to choose from, offering excellent versatility to suit a wide range of musical styles. Selecting 2 stage mode offers a classic subtle phase effect with an adjustable bias control, while switching to 4 stage mode produces a lush, vintage tone with feedback control. The 10 stage mode delivers a vintage/modern tone with incredibly flexible feedback and depth controls. Setting the pedal into modern will produce a deep, phasing effect with an enhanced feedback and modulation, while boutique produces a vibrant tone with a controllable phase frequency. The last 2 modes provide dynamic phases, with envelope offering a sweeping sound while dynamic provides a phaser with plenty of depth.

Powerful Components
With speed, depth, and modify, which effects each phaser differently, players can dial in the perfect sound for each effect with little effort. Stereo ins/outs allows the pedal to be incorporated into rigs with 2 speakers, offering incredible stereo soundscapes. The Sp-7’s footswitch can also be used as a tap tempo to set the phaser effects’ modulation speed time, this is perfect for quick adjustments during live performances. This mode is accessible via holding down the pedal switch for 3 seconds, the indicator will begin to flash to indicate tap tempo is now active.

Perfect Stage Accessories

The SP-7 Stereo Phaser includes a rage of accessories to ensure players have the perfect performance. The special Stomplock knob guard protects the pedals settings from tampering or accidental knob adjustments while on stage. The custom-cut hook and loop pedalboard pad allows players to attach and lock the pedal securely to their pedal board, while the stylish pedal switch glow sticker ensures players can find their pedal in adverse stage lighting.


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I.m after a loop pedal

I.m after a loop pedal

I have the Boss RC-30 and can recommend that one.
Jam Man looper is awesome, thanks OP another Pedal for my oversized collection!

I have the Boss RC-30 and can recommend that one.

Yeah that's the one I was looking at, id prefer to find it in a sale though
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