Digitech Jamman Solo XT Guitar Looper Pedal  £80.96 @ Amazon

Digitech Jamman Solo XT Guitar Looper Pedal £80.96 @ Amazon

Found 17th Feb
been looking for a good looper pedal, and found this on amazon.
gear 4 music also sell it for the same price.
bax sell it for cheaper, but charge for delivery.
can be found on ebay from £70 -£100
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Great pedal, you can also use it to play backing tracks. It's worth getting the seperate footswitch as well.
Unleash your inner Fripp.
Better than the Boss RC-1?
This or an Octo-Flange for creating strange but forgettable riffs?
miffyl18th Feb

Better than the Boss RC-1?

Yes - Boss RC1 is a bit more basic whereas this has some extra features (it closer to Boss RC-3 feature wise). Also, loops can be stored to a micro SD (not included) or backed up to a computer which neither Boss pedal can do. All that being said, I use a Boss RC-1 myself which I’ve had for years so I don’t think you can go far wrong with either personally.

Price isn’t a ridiculous deal though - these are always on special with one music retailer or another & are often around £80-85 so no need to jump in it if you’re not sure!
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VivianDooshley18th Feb

This or an Octo-Flange for creating strange but forgettable riffs?

Not sure what pedal/effect you’re referring to by ‘Octo-Flange’ (an octave pedal, flanger, or something more niche?), but a looper isn’t really the way to go for strange guitar riffs. For live use, it’s not really practical to cycle through a bank of loops whilst playing so you would really be better off looking at higher end loopers that are more versatile.

If it’s to get some cool effects for a solo/riff, I’d actually start with modulated delays or synth pedals first - more versatile and adaptable. Off the top of my head, EHX Canyon, Digitech Obscura, TC Flashback (plus loads of others) would be a good starting point for looking - you get both standard delay effects, plus a selection of modulated delays (ie tape, shimmer, etc) which can add together nicely; plus most also do basic looping.
I picked one of the Warehouse ones for £65 (like new). There's still one left if anyone is fussed.
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