DIHL Rectangular Automatic Sensor Bin Chrome Lid, Various Sizes & Colours DD7 £27.99 @ ebay toyourhomeltd

DIHL Rectangular Automatic Sensor Bin Chrome Lid, Various Sizes & Colours DD7 £27.99 @ ebay toyourhomeltd

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Found 30th Jan 2014
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DIHL - Seller: toyourhomeltd

These stylish sensor bins are great for those situations where you need both hands free, such as scraping waste off your chopping board or plate. A technological evolution of the foot operated bins of the past, these units use infra-red sensors to detect your presence, activating the motorised lid for your convenience.

Battery powered (see specifications for more details), you can also activate the lid via 'Open' and 'Close' buttons as well as turn the unit off entirely at the back if required.

The bin itself is steel, whilst the lid assembly has a lightweight plastic design with a mirror effect chrome-plated coating to suit modern kitchens. Please note that these are UK specification bins and as such are not provided with inner buckets, nor do they require them when used with standard bin bags.

All appliances meet the new RoHS standards.

Steel bin with modern design
Wave hand in front to open lid automatically
Can also be operated manually or via buttons
On / off switch at rear of unit
Clip to help keep bin bags open if required
Convenient - keep both hands free for scraping leftovers etc.
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Could you please add the Merchant Name to the title as it might help other users thanks
Put missing info in now, hopefully will help now If you go to Ebay and click on top where it says Daily Deals should be featured on main screen thanks
Was going to order one until read seller feedback. Seems alot have been unhappy with it when arrived (if arrived at all) or damaged and charged to return. Being in scotland, id prob get a damaged one. Darn it. Great price otherwise, i really need a 50l bin
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