Dillenger folding electric bike £406.80 including VAT and delivery at Dillenger Electric Bikes UK

Dillenger folding electric bike £406.80 including VAT and delivery at Dillenger Electric Bikes UK

Found 2nd Dec 2014
Great little electric folding bike here for under £500 has a useful rear rack and gears and 20" wheels for added stability and better handling at speed.

Eplorer Folding Electric Bike

Six Speed
Are you looking for an electric folding bike that is a little bigger than our 16” Cheetah? Then our 20” Explorer is for you. We have designed this bike with 20” wheels and a six-speed Shimano gear set for those of you that want to add a little cycling to your journey and mix in some great exercise – But still like some pedal assist for those troublesome hills or just cruising about.
The 'All Rounder'
Need to pop down to the shops? No problem, just install the pannier bags (sold separately) on the custom pannier rack and you are on your way. Do you ride public transport to work? The Explorer electric folding bike is the perfect travel enhancement, jump off the bus, unfold the bike – you will be at work in no time!
The Explorer, designed with larger wheels than the 16” Cheetah, provides a great level of rolling smoothness in comparison. Paired with the whisper quiet rear hub motor, internally geared for more torque – the Dillenger Explorer is so much fun; you will not want to drive anywhere again. We are sure it is one of the best folding electric bikes around, especially at this price.
Save Money
Do not spend your hard-earned money on congestion, parking and fuel charges. The Explorer is a very realistic replacement for your car. With our upgraded 12Ah sealed lead acid battery giving you an extended range of up to 50 km and a top speed of up to 25 km/h, this folding electric bike is the smart choice when it comes to transport alternatives.
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This is very heavy and underpowered as its a lead acid battery, get one of these if you are looking for an electric bike proriderleisure.com/Lei…tml
Lead acid? Welcome to 1945.....
electric bikes are really coming along now. I see some amazing ones on the way to work.


This is coming up buy one get one 90% off using code XMASCHEETAH
Best way to get a reasonably cheap ebike, is to buy a kit then fit it to a bike of your choice....... the really cheap ready made ebikes are not up to much and the base bicycles they are built on are cheap & nasty BSO's.
You can get a kit with lithium battery from 8fun from around £400 that will fit 26" mountain bikes and 700c hybrids..... then fit it to any bike you please.

You end up with an ebike that's a million times better than the garbage ebike in this deal.
Also Cyclotricity do kits that are similar and roughly the same price as 8fun.
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