Dimplex Optimyst Fireplace £200 @ B&Q (Poole Instore)

Dimplex Optimyst Fireplace £200 @ B&Q (Poole Instore)

Found 30th May 2014
Dimplex fires £200 or less in B&Q, I got this one reduced from £699 to £200, plenty left in Poole
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EAN 5011139045409 (European Article Number) for quick search

860mm height x 920mm width x 320mm depth

Model: RTOPCS20
Anyone know if this is LED?
Great find....these are very realistic flame effect fires....best on the market.

I'm just about to move into a new house and have these fires on my list... bought 3 different ones (online) and saved a very tidy sum.

Many thanks OP.
Thank you op.
Excellent deal, been looks for one for my mum for ages at a good price. Ordered shortly after this was posted on Friday online, money taken, got a call late today saying they can't do my order and will process a refund, is there anything I can do? Pretty annoyed tbh has they clearly have the functionality to place it as out of stock as it is now out of stock on their website
Please excuse the poor grammar
I too ordered soon after this deal was posted on Friday and received a phone call today to cancel. After some discussion and firm but polite argument I was told that my order will honoured but they don't know when I receive my fire. I don't mind when it's delivered and I am quite willing to wait. To be honest we were not looking to buy a fire for a few months but this was too good to pass up. I shall call them in a few weeks for an update but I did make it clear they I am quite willing to take things as far as necessary, even though I'm not entirely sure what my rights are, out of principle.
That's good news, thanks for the reply, I'll give them a call first thing tomorrow morning , il post back with what they say just in case anyone else has the same problem
My order was cancelled too
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