Dimplex optimyst fires under £200 at B&Q

Dimplex optimyst fires under £200 at B&Q

Found 30th May 2014
All dimplex fire under £200, I got this in Poole reduced from £699 to £200
Plenty left this afternoon
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Anyone know if it's LED?
Thank you , I was about to order one of these for 500 pound from a local fireplace dealer
We paid £500 for our wood burner version 4 months ago. The effect is superb. Need a bit of attention, filtered water etc but well worth the money. Cant believe they've gone down to £200
oos now of the one I wanted. bet it was very limited stock levels
found one in Milton Keynes, 80 miles from me, anybody want to collect for me?
Excellent deal, been looks for one for my mum for ages at a good price. Ordered shortly after this was posted on Friday online, money taken, got a call late today saying they can't do my order and will process a refund, is there anything I can do? Pretty annoyed tbh has they clearly have the functionality to place it as out of stock as it is now out of stock on their website
mine was refunded too,
Looks like they're back up to £499 now.
any optimist stoves on sale in the Cumbria stores
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