Dine in for £10 at M&S Thurs 18-Sun 21st June 2009

Dine in for £10 at M&S Thurs 18-Sun 21st June 2009

Found 17th Jun 2009Made hot 17th Jun 2009
If this is not the final correct list then I can only apologise. I think it seems like a good mix this time and I will prob get at least 2 Dine In this time.

Main Meals

The Grill peppered chicken breasts
Ready to Roast Gammon
Cook! Haddock mornay
Butternut squash lasagne
Roast whole chicken (already cooked)
Lasagne al forno
Cook! Chicken Mozzerella
Wild Salmon with Watercress, rocket and spinach
Beef Roulade

Side Dishes

New potato/herb
Parmentier potatoes
House salad bowl
Potato wedges
Caesar salad
Summer trad roasting veg
Twin pot coleslaw/potato salad
Tomato and rocket salad bowl


Small profiterole stack
2 lemon souffle
2 tiramisu
Choc trifle
2 Belgian choc slices
Puff pastry apple pie
2 lemon and ricotta cheesecakes
Strawberry pack
Prepared fruit salad
Blackberry and pear tart


Cobborah shiraz
Cobborah Chardonnay
White Zinfandel
Twin pack presse (non alcoholic)
2 litre Valencia orange juice (non alcoholic)


tommorow is the 18th

Original Poster

Thanks for that!

Nice1, love these

thanks - always get these but had no idea deal was on again :-D

just been and bought the third of the weekend - the salmon beggars belief it is lovely!

COOL with gf discount card it will be £8 .

what is the gf discount card please?!?


what is the gf discount card please?!?

His girlfriends discount card.


Is this £10 each or for 2? Thanks



Got a £17.89 meal for a tenner today. Best menu deals are at M&S

Excellent food

Got my 5 Friday
Beats all the other deals into a cocked hat
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