Dinner Suit/ Tuxedo for £50 @ Matalan

Dinner Suit/ Tuxedo for £50 @ Matalan

Found 1st Dec 2009
Matalans are doing the complete set of dinner jacket, pant, shirt, bow tie,cummerbund and cufflinks for £50.

Their actual price put tgether is £71, but when you take it to the till it becomes £50 on the offer.

I did see ASDA one but that will come close to this one when you add up the cufflinks etc.. and I am not a fan of ASDA quality for their clothes.

Hope this will be useful to someone there, the cheapest rental is £35 for a week.
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I've tried the Matalan one, the Tesco one, Marks and Spencers budget one, and the Asda one.

IMO the Asda one is surprisingly the best out of the bunch. Girlfriend agrred it was made from the better material and was £30 for the trousers and jacket. You can get the shirt and bow ties for £6 and a couple of quid for the cufflinks. The only thing they don't do is the cummerbund, but then "she" said they look crap so not to bother anyway:p

Bought a pair of VERY shiny black dress shoes from M&S essential collection for £19.50 that go perfectly.

I still voted hot as its a good deal for evrything, but would say to check out Asda's and compare quality first:thumbsup:
THanks for this. Heat added...I would add more heat if I could.

I had a Christmas Party to go to on 16th Dec for a new job I just started. 15th Dec, I got told it was Formal Dress, so I needed a dinner suit quick.

I was not expecting much from Matalan, but it really does look the dogs.

The 20% off voucher (expired yesterday) came off the full price of the suit, before it was discounted to £50, so the actual cost was £36, and consisted of Pants, Jacket, Shirt, Cummerbund, Bow-Tie, Cuff-links.

BARGAIN of the month for me!
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